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Empower Your Charity: Earn From Your Book Donations 

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Your Charity Book Collection Partners 

Transforming book donations into meaningful contributions has never been easier with the UK’s top book-selling service! Empower your cause using your charity book collection..

We Make Book Selling Easy

Our mobile app streamlines the selling process, making it hassle-free.

  1. Download our app
  2. Create an account and sign up as a charity shop/ library
  3. Scan the barcodes or type in the ISBN numbers of your books
  4. Receive an instant valuation and offer
  5. Send your books for FREE or choose a home collection
  6. Get paid!

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Read Responsibly...Read Responsibly...
Read Responsibly... buy and sell used books. WeBuyBooks saves a thirty-acre forest each year!
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Easy, quick & stress-free. How it works.

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Turning those endless stacks of donated books into funds is simpler and more rewarding than ever before. 

  1. Input the barcode or IBSN number 
  2. Receive an instant quote
  3. Package and post for FREE
  4. Once we've received and verified your items, expect payment the next day

No printer? No worries! Many EVRi drop-off points offer a 'print-label-in-store' service! Simply refine your search by 'print in store' to find your nearest drop-off point.

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Book Charity Collection: What Can You Sell?

We welcome books from every genre and subject imaginable, just make sure they meet our conditions guidelines

  • Textbooks
  • Art books
  • Children's Books
  • Story Books
  • Comic Books
  • Recipe Books

Specialist Support for Rare Finds

Got books without barcodes or ISBN numbers? No problem! Check out our catalogue of specialist books to see if yours is listed.

Our team is also here to help with your charity book collection. Email us the details, and we'll provide a valuation.

Did you know that we accept more than just books? CDs, DVDs and video games can also be turned into funds for your charity

View Item condition guidelines

We're unable to accept books with the following defects:
  • Fire or Smoke Damage
  • Tears to the Cover or Pages
  • Significant Damage or Wear to the Binding
  • Water Damage
  • Badly Stained
  • Missing, Loose or Torn Pages

The Benefits of Our App

Turn your mobile phone camera into a barcode scanner to sell your items on the go in a matter of seconds.

  • FREE to download on Android and iOS devices 
  • Instant pricing for your books
  • Scan multiple items at once
  • Handle everything from your phone: scanning books, arranging delivery and receiving payments

Simply download, scan, accept your price and send your books to get paid

Charity Book Collection

Enhanced Collection Service with EVRi. Experience the benefits of our new and improved charity book collection service:

  • Saturday Collections & Faster Turnaround
  • 2 Hour Timeslots for Collection & Online Tracking
  • Capability for Larger Parcels

What Happens After We Receive Your Charity Book Collection? 

Don’t miss out, we’ve paid our sellers over £20 million so far!

  • Once we’ve received your books, you get paid the next day!  
  • Choose from bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.
  • By giving your books a second life, you're cutting down on the demand for new ones, reducing waste and pollution for a healthier planet.

Start transforming donations into support for your cause!

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No ISBN? No problem!

Don’t worry! Check our catalogue for popular books and comics without an ISBN. Simply search the title, author or publisher.

Can't find the ISBN number?
Can't find the ISBN number?

So far this year, our customers have made an average of £23.22* by selling their items toWeBuyBooks The Book Specialist

Frequently asked questions

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WeBuyBooks collects books for free! We have teamed up with EVRI delivery so you can enjoy the convenience of 2-hour collection timeslots and online parcel tracking. We're now accepting larger parcels, so you can donate more of your charity book collection in one go.

Disposing of old books in the UK is straightforward and rewarding with WeBuyBooks. With flexible 2-hour timeslots, online parcel tracking, the ability to send larger parcels and the Saturday collections, getting rid of your charity book collection is easy.

Choose to send your books for free or select home collection, and receive payment the day after we receive your books. It's an eco-friendly solution that benefits both your wallet and the environment.

Wondering ‘is it okay to throw away books?’ Before you consider tossing them out, think about a better alternative that benefits both you and the environment.

With WeBuyBooks, there's no need to let your unwanted books go to waste. We offer a simple and rewarding way to clear your shelves and earn cash in the process. Why add to the landfill when you can sell your books to us and give them a new life? So, before you throw away those books, remember that WeBuyBooks is here to turn them into cash for you. Start selling today!

Looking for a smart way to clear out old books and DVDs? Sell them to WeBuyBooks and transform them into cash! Our easy process helps you declutter, earn money, and ensures your items find a new home where they'll be appreciated again.

It's an eco-friendly solution that benefits you and gives your books and DVDs another lease of life. Don't let your old favourites go to waste—turn them into extra cash with WeBuyBooks and support sustainability at the same time! Sell now!

Helpful guides and advice on selling your books

Want to know how to get more bang for your book? Looking for our item condition guidelines? Then you're in the right place

Want to know how to get more bang for your book? More hints and tips? Try exploring our blog.

Ready to Turn Your Charity Book Collection into Meaningful Contributions?

Join WeBuyBooks today and discover the best way to support your charity through book donations. With our easy-to-use platform, tailored services and specialist support, making a difference has never been easier.

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