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The Easiest Way to Sell Textbooks Online

Are you a student looking to sell textbooks? Perhaps you’ve recently graduated from university, left school or simply have a pile of books that you no longer need? Whatever your reasons, WeBuyBooks is the best place to sell your textbooks, offering a simple and hassle-free way to earn some much-needed extra cash to put towards freshers week, rent or this semester’s reading material.

FREE post & collection

Choose to post your items, or have them collected. We’ll provide you with a free post label!

Next day payments

Need your money in a hurry? We’ll pay you the day after we’ve checked your items!

High payouts

With over £20,000,000 paid out so far, you can be sure you’re getting a great price for your items.

Sell more, make more!

Sell over £25 worth of items and we’ll automatically increase the amount we pay you by 5%!

Calling All Students!

Textbooks aren’t cheap and in most cases, you’ll only need them for a semester before you’ll have to overhaul your studying material and invest in a new collection of books.

It's estimated the average uni student will spend almost £100 per semester on textbooks, that's almost £1000 over a 3-year degree.

So it only makes sense to try and make some money back from the textbooks you no longer need. We’ll take all your old and unwanted textbooks off your hands, reuse and recycle them and pay you good money for them too.

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Bank account looking a little low? Student loan still weeks away? Not to worry! WeBuyBooks is here to help! We’ve got an exclusive student bonus, so you can make 10% more on your sale. Just sign up with your student email below.

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Read Responsibly... buy and sell used books. WeBuyBooks saves a thirty-acre forest each year!
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So far this year, our customers have made an average of £22.87* by selling their items.

Scan Your Textbooks and Save Time With Our App

Experts in buying and re-homing old textbooks, our service is second to none! Offering instant prices and a seamless experience –selling textbooks with us is completely hassle-free.

You can flog your used textbooks from the comfort of your living room or student digs by simply downloading our free app, which allows you to scan the barcode on your textbooks to sell them all in seconds!

Alternatively, you can enter the ISBN number of each textbook into our website and you’ll receive an instant offer. Once you’re happy, checkout and let us know how you want us to pay you.

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We buy textbooks for all subjects!

Art textbooks
Architecture textbooks
Photography textbooks
Business textbooks
Finance textbooks
Law textbooks
Sports science textbooks
Medicine textbooks
Engineering textbooks
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It Pays to Look After Your Books

Now obviously you stand a better chance of selling textbooks for big bucks if they’re in good condition. If your textbooks look like they’ve been savaged by a pack of wild hounds or survived a nuclear blast then the chances are we can’t take them.

Don’t worry about annotations, we understand that from time to time you’ll want to write notes in your textbooks and we’re happy to accept items with underlining, highlighting, or annotations, as long as it’s not excessive and there are no crude words or pictures.

Item condition guidelines

We're unable to accept textbooks with the following defects:
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Tears to the cover or pages
  • Significant damage or wear to the binding
  • Water damage
  • Badly stained
  • Missing, loose or torn pages

Our Recycling Pledge

You can sell books from hundreds of genres with We Buy Books, but sometimes, we receive books that don’t meet our condition guidelines, and if they don’t meet our criteria, we can’t accept them.

We pledge to recycle your books if we can’t accept them, so you can still feel positive because you’re contributing to a positive cause. And if you don’t want us to recycle your books, we’ll return them to you.

Helpful guides and advice on selling your books

Want to know how to get more bang for your book? Looking for our item condition guidelines? Then you're in the right place

Want to know how to get more bang for your book? More hints and tips? Try exploring our blog.

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…who knows, you could be sat on a goldmine! See how much money you could make using our service to sell uni textbooks, college textbooks or any other kind of books you have lying around - you won’t be disappointed!

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