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Items Condition Guidelines


If you’re thinking of selling your books, CDs, DVDs or games to us, read our item condition guidelines first. It’ll ensure you know what items to send and what to keep.

Here’s a breakdown of what we don’t accept, what we accept, and what we do with your items when we can’t accept them.

We can’t accept items that

  • Have significant damage or wear to the binding
  • Have tears to the cover or pages
  • Are fire or smoke damaged
  • Have missing, loose or torn pages
  • Have a strong smell of any kind (including cigarette odour)
  • Have water, mould or moisture damage
  • Are ex-rental copies
  • Are workbooks with writing in them (e.g. tests part or fully completed)
  • Have an ISBN or barcode number different than that on the packaging even if the title - is the same
  • Have an access code that’s missing or used
  • Are badly stained
  • Have a book missing from the box set
  • Have damage to the popup
  • Are incomplete
  • Are a misprint
  • Look like they’ve been chewed on
  • Are corrected or uncorrected proof copies of a book
  • Are promo copies
  • Are print-on-demand, or self-published books
  • Are missing dust jackets
  • Are missing any accompanying CDs or DVDs
  • Have animal hair, excrement or insects in them
  • Are stained by food or drink or contain crumbs
  • Have missing or wrong discs
  • Are copied or pirated
  • Contain discs with damaged or missing original packaging, artwork or instructions
  • Contain discs with cracks, dents, deep scratches or that are misshapen
  • Have faulty or failed sound
  • Have cracks in the case

Tip: Give your books, CDs, games and DVDs a quick check before you send them in to avoid any disappointment. Pack them well to stop any damage in transit and minimise the risk of books going missing, as we can’t pay you for missing items.

We can accept items with underlining, highlighting, or annotations on the following conditions:

What we can accept

  • Ex-library books that are in reasonable condition
  • Folio books with or without their slip-case
  • Books that don’t have an ISBN; visit the We Buy Books catalogue or contact us for a price
  • DVDs, CDs and games with light surface scratches, providing they don’t impact the disc’s playability
  • DVDs, CDs, and game cases that have light surface scratches but are complete and unbroken
  • Books with a small amount of writing, underlining or highlighting of pages, as long as it’s on fewer than 20% of the book’s pages*

*We can accept items with underlining, highlighting, or annotations on the following conditions:

  • There are no crude words or pictures
  • There are no pictures coloured in
  • It doesn’t cover more than 50% of any given page
  • It isn’t on more than 20% of the book’s pages
  • It doesn’t affect the text
  • Excessive writing, underlining, and highlighting or ‘remainder’ marks on page edges may also reduce the quoted price or the book, or we may reject it.

How do you check my items?

Items come into our quality control team, who check each item individually and compare them against the condition guidelines. If items meet those guidelines, they’re kept and added; if not, they’re rejected, and we’ll email you to let you know.

Can I challenge a rejection?

Unfortunately, you can’t challenge a rejection. Our quality control team checks all items, and we can’t make payment for any item not meeting the condition guidelines listed above. We’re a reseller, so we have to ensure that all the books we receive are resellable; we don’t want to sell items to customers that don’t meet their expectations. If we receive a book that is damaged in a way that isn’t on this list, we can reject it.

What do you do with rejected books?

If we can’t accept your books, we’ll stay true to our recycling pledge and recycle any books we can’t buy. We’ll also send any rejected books back to you if you’d prefer, but you’ll have to pay for postage on these items.



*If the book is over 1KG, the postage costs may be more and the seller will be informed of this in advance.

We’ll email you if any of your items fail the quality control process, If we do not hear from you within five (5) working days of our notice to you of the failure of an Item, any Item that fail our or Quality Assessment will be recycled by us in a responsible manner and you will not be paid for them.

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