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Frequently Asked Questions


This will be emailed to you once you've completed your offer, you can also find it in your account! If you don't have a printer then don't worry. The vast majority of Evri drop-off points also have a ‘print-label-in-store’ service! When finding your nearest drop-off point simply refine your search by ‘print in store’.

Incomplete items/box sets. Blank discs. Free Games - for example items given away by magazines and newspapers. Pirate Games will not be accepted.

You can choose your preferred method of payment. Choose from bank transfer, paypal or cheque. We endeavour to pay you via your preferred payment method within 1 working day of checking your items.

We buy a variety of items, however, sometimes we already have multiple copies of certain titles and therefore are unable to accept more of these. Our prices and the items that we accept change every day, so please keep checking back!

If the Readers Digest edition has an ISBN number (and the more recent editions do on the publishing information page at the front of the book) this can be typed into our website and these are treated just like any other book.

Yes we do purchase ex library books providing they are in a reasonable condition. You must have permission from the library and it must be stamped with the withdrawal stamp

To find your offer ID number, you will need to log into your account

We would not buy items with missing cases, packaging or that are damaged. Please read our item condition guidelines

Unfortunately we are not able to accept offers from outside the UK

We generate the correct number of postage labels depending on the weight of your items, however, should you require more you can access these by logging into your account

You should send your items within 7 days of acceptance of your offer. If we have not received the items within 21 days the price offered may not be valid and upon receipt the amount paid may be adjusted by us to the current valuations.

Apart from your items and protection for them, no. The way we can tell which box of items belongs to you is from the unique barcode that is on the bottom of your free postage label.

We buy your books and sell them on, to give them a second home and allow someone else to get the pleasure of reading the books you don’t want. You get paid and we keep books in circulation, so they don’t go into landfill. If for any reason your books aren't in a sellable condition, we recycling the materials responsibly.

WeBuyBooks are an online recommerce company specialising in buying books, CDs and DVDs. We take unwanted items in exchange for cash and find them a new home. Our aim is to help our customers to declutter their shelves, make extra cash, and reduce their carbon foot print when they recycle their old books using WeBuyBooks!

We always encourage our users to use one box where possible. Not only is this better for the environment, but it means we can process your order and pay you faster. Our clever box calculator can help you determine the number of boxes needed for you to pack your items. When creating multiple offers please do not mix offers in boxes and ensure the label affixed corresponds to the contents. This means we can easily track your items - ensuring you get paid quicker. Each box needs a separate label, extra labels can be found in your account

I can't find an answer to my question above?

Visit our contact us page and use our web form to submit your enquiry, one of our experts will be in contact to help you with your questions.

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