Packaging Guidelines

Packaging Guidelines

Following our simple guidelines will ensure your items reach us in the condition you sent them. Simply follow our guide below and you’ll have your items packed in no time!

Use Correct Number of Boxes

Pack your items into the correct number of boxes as determined by our clever box calculator. When creating multiple offers please do not mix offers in boxes and ensure the label affixed corresponds to the contents. This means we can easily track your items – ensuring you get paid faster. If you require more packaging labels then these can be found in your account.

Packaging Guidelines

Box Sizes

Your box should weigh no more than 15kg and be no more than 120cm in length. If you add the two shortest dimensions and multiply them by two, the total calculation should be under 225cm.

Secure Your Items

Bubble Wrap is the ideal material to secure your items in the box and prevent damage. Try to pack heavier items first and don’t use a box that’s too large – your items will move around and could damage one another.

Double Check Your Items

It might sound obvious but make sure you’re sending all the items that are listed in your selling basket.

Use a Sturdy Box

Please use a box to send your items, just wrapping them does not give sufficient protection. Books, CD’s and DVD’s can be heavy and will shift during transit so the box needs to be heavy duty enough to cope with this. Use rigid boxes with flaps intact also use strong tape designed for shipping as apposed to securing your box with string and paper over-wrap.

Ensure Postage Label is Attached Securely

Remove any labels, hazardous materials indicators, and other previous shipment labels. Ensure your label is attached securely and the barcode is not obscured by tape. This will allow your box to be easily tracked – meaning you get paid quicker!

Post Within 7 Days

Prices offered for books, CD’s and DVD’s remain in place for 7 days, so to make sure you get the cash you’re expecting please post your items within this time frame.

10% Extra on your first trade!