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Sell Train Books Online

Sell Train Books Online

All aboard! Are you an ex-conductor, or an everyday commuter? Perhaps you’re just a Trainiac looking to sell your used train books for cash? Well you’re on the right track because WeBuyBooks are giving away tickets for your old rail books to travel to WeBuyBooks HQ, and in return you will receive a tidy sum.

Sell Train books for cash with WeBuyBooks

Simply enter the ISBN or barcode of your books into our selling basket, receive an instant valuation, send us your items, and then get paid! We’re so keen to receive your used train books, that we even provide you with a free postage label. Plus, we pay you the very next day after we’ve checked your items!

What are the best type of Train books to sell?

There’s plenty of literature out there on various train-related topics  – from different platforms, to train speeds & sizes. The good news is we love train books so much you’ll find we’ll buy a large variety! Here is a list of titles we’re most likely to buy:

  • Amazing Train Journeys (Lonely Planet)
  • British Railways Standard Pacifics
  • ABC Rail Guide 2018
  • London Midland Steam 1948 to 1966
  • The Book of th e King
  • Rails Across London
  • Train Doctor


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Does the condition of my used books matter?

We accept books with general wear & tear. But if your books are in bad condition, such as damage to the binding, and torn pages they will be not be accepted.


Book Condition Guidelines

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Easy, quick & stress-free.
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Send your Train Books, DVDs, games and CDs to us and we’ll send you some money. Less clutter at home and more money – what’s not to love about that? So don’t wait – sell online today with We Buy Books. If you’d like some extra help, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just give us a call on 01706 248281.


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