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Sell Hiking Books

Sell Hiking Books

Did you know that the Ordnance Survey was formed all the way back in 1791? We’re very grateful it was founded back then, as with a good map in you hand, the wonders of the natural world become available to you. But after you get to know an area like the back of your hand, you might no longer need your used maps or hiking books. If this it true in your case, don’t let your hiking books be neglected, exchange them for cash with WeBuyBooks!

The straightforward way to sell used hiking books

We’re after used hiking books from legends such as Alfred Wainwright and Paddy Dillon, plus books from the Ordnance Survey, Insight Guides and Lonely Planet, but we also have a big soft spot for hiking books on the Lake District. With its many fells, forest, and of course, lakes, the Lake District is a hiker’s paradise! But it also happens to be the wettest place in England, so you can’t rely on getting ideal hiking weather… However, here at WeBuyBooks, you can rely on our straightforward and easy bookselling system!

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The selling process can be made even speedier and more convenient by using our app. It transforms your phone’s camera into a clever scanning device, meaning you can get valuations for your used hiking books whenever and wherever.

So, even if you’ve got piles and piles of used hiking books to sell, it won’t take you long to swap them for cash!

How do I exchange used hiking books for cash?

To sell your used hiking books for cash, all you have to do is enter their ISBNs into our online selling basket, where you will then receive instant valuations for them. Next you will package your books and send them to us using a provided pre-paid postage label. We will then check your books and send you your cash! And if you’ve got new walking books or hiking gear on your to-buy list, they might be in your basket sooner than you think, as we aim to pay you the very next day after we’ve checked your items – which means getting paid could take just three working days.

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