Sell Electrical & Electronic Engineering Books

Sell Electrical & Electronic Engineering Books

Here at WeBuyBooks, we are after books on electrical and electronic engineering, and will offer good cash in exchange for our most coveted titles in a good condition… So if you’re an electronic engineer with an abundant collection of used books on topics such as power systems, electronic engineering, digital electronics and power electronics, keep on reading!


Exchange electronic engineering books for cash

There are infinite reasons why you may want to clear out your electrical engineering book hoard… maybe you’ve read them from cover to cover and have memorized all the information, or perhaps you’re trying out the minimalist lifestyle and so are having a thorough organise of your belongings… Whatever the reason, WeBuyBooks offers a simple and swift way to exchange used electrical engineering books for cash.

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If you want a fast, secure way to sell your books, the best thing to do is to download the We Buy Books app. All you need to do is go to your app store, download the app, open it up and use our handy barcode scanner to get an instant cash price. We’re available on Android and Apple.

Sell your books in four speedy steps!

Electronic engineering may be a complex subject, but our online book selling system certainly isn’t! In just a few easy steps – scan, value, send, get paid – your money will be in the bank, ready to be spent on whatever new electronic engineering books are on your to-buy list, or to be saved for a rainy day! We appreciated that busy live wires don’t want to spend tons of time selling their used electronic engineering books, or waiting for their money to arrive… So we provide you with instant valuations for your books, are happy for you to send us multiple items at once, and aim to send you your cash the day after we have checked your books.

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Does the condition of my used books matter?

As you’ve probably already guessed, if your electrical engineering books are in great condition, you will be offered more cash for them… but if your books look like they’ve suffered a nasty electric shock, we might not be able to buy them at all. Make sure you check out our Item Condition Guidelines before you start selling to avoid disappointment.

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