Sell DVDs Online

It’s no secret that we’re all feeling the pinch. It isn’t always easy to get hold of a bit of extra cash, but luckily, we can help!

As well as being able to sell games, books and CDs, you can now sell DVDs online at We Buy Books! Whether you’d prefer to download the latest blockbuster or are simply trying to create more space on your bulging DVD shelves, our quick and easy-to-use service can help.

Is your DVD collection simply gathering dust or taking up valuable space? Why not give your film collection a new lease of life by sending them to us?

A second home for your used DVDs

You’re bound to have plenty of DVDs lying around that you’ll never watch again. After all, we all have those boxsets that we have watched to death, or a collection of films we’d never dream of watching (hands up if you have ever received a groan-inducing Christmas flick from Aunt Susan?).

Instead of tripping over this DVD overflow, sell used DVDs to the team here at We Buy Books and ensure they go to a loving new home! There are plenty of people out there who are desperate to watch your old DVDs, and add them to their own collection.

Why sell DVDs online?

There are countless benefits of selling used DVDs to We Buy Books, not least because of the joy they could give someone else.

  • FREE postage
  • Next day payments
  • Special rewards for frequent sellers
  • Sell multiple DVDs at once
  • The best prices on the web
  • Recycle and save the environment
  • Sell DVDs online in just four easy steps

It couldn’t be easier to make money for something you no longer use. Join the revolution!

How do I sell DVDs online?

There’s one very important thing to remember here: condition is key. The better condition your DVDs are in, the more money you will get for them.

We’re happy to accept a normal level of wear and tear, but if your DVDs are cracked, dented, have deep scratches or other damage, we won’t be able to accept them.Find out more about our item condition guidelines.

Once you have chosen the DVDs you want to sell, head over to our selling basket, type in the ISBN number on the back of your DVD case, and we’ll give you a price!

We will not accept:

  • Missing or wrong discs
  • Copied or Pirated discs
  • Discs without the original packaging, artwork or instructions
  • Discs with cracks, deep scratches or that are misshapen

So, what are you waiting for? Sell DVDs online for cash! You can even use our app.