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Our Recycling Process

Our Recycling Process

Did you know that some scientists believe reading books can help you live longer? It’s just one of the reasons we’re such big book lovers here at WeBuyBooks! And as we love books so much, we hate to see them in landfill. Not only is a book going to waste a sorry sight, but it’s also bad for our precious planet. Books may help us live longer, but we need a healthy planet in order to live at all. We have strong principles when it comes to being green, and we ensure that every book that we cannot resell does not end up in landfill, causing more books to be manufactured from scratch, but is responsibly recycled instead.

How do we recycle books?

WeBuyBooks are accredited with the Environment Agency and recycle a whopping 5000 tonnes of waste every year – that’s equivalent to approximately 385 London double decker buses! We have partnered with DS Smith, one of Europe’s primary recyclers of paper and cardboard to manage our recycling process. They take care of over 5.5 million tonnes of material each year… we can’t even fathom how many buses that equates to. The company have ten paper mills of their own and are passionate about “Closed Loop Recycling Solutions” – where resources are recycled back into what they original came from (e.g. a cardboard box used for packaging is used, then collected and recycled, and the original materials become a cardboard box again). Watch their video for a closer look at their recycling techniques…

Take a look at DS Smith's "Closed Loop Recycling" techniques...

Decreasing carbon footprints

When you sell to us, you can have peace of mind that you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of books. You’ll be giving your books a new lease of life (lessening the demand for more books to be manufactured), and for those which we can’t sell on, you can be sure that they will be recycled and made into something new. While we are passionate about helping people declutter and make cash for their unwanted items, we are also committed to being respectful of our planet and its resources.

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