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Make money selling things online!

Wanna make some money, honey? Course you do! And you can – with We Buy Books. You’ll bump up your bank balance the second you start selling things online. Ka-ching!

Hands up if you’ve ever received a gift that you don’t like. Most of the team at We Buy Books can raise their hands high. We’ve all been there, right? Got a book or DVD for our birthday or for Christmas that isn’t really our thing, but then hide our disappointment and smile politely. But those unwanted things can soon add up. Don’t hold on to the things that you don’t want – make money selling things online.

Let it go!

DVDs and cash

Selling your stuff with We Buy Books is an easy way to make money selling things online. So if you got the Frozen DVD as a gift, but you really do just want to let it go, then send it our way. Rather than trying to find space for the stuff that you don’t want, get selling so that somebody else can enjoy them. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy your new bank balance too.

The more you sell, the more you earn. Simple! We even have a We Buy Books app, so you can scan your stuff and start selling in seconds. You won’t feel guilty getting rid of it when your unwanted gifts can go to somebody who actually wants them.

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Make money selling things online with minimal effort!

Spare a bit of time, to make some spare cash. It may take minutes, or even hours to dig out all your unwanted games, DVDs, CDs and books, but we’ll make it worth your while.

If you’ve got a few games knocking around for an old console that you no longer have, or use, then send them to us. Don’t leave them lying around, untouched and unloved. Upgrade your collection and get selling. The same goes for any DVDs and CDS that you’re never in the mood to watch, or listen to anymore. You can buy a new film with the cash from your old DVDs and invite your friends round for a movie night.

Books and cash
What Our Customers Say
5 Star
Great service and fast payment
I have sent in 4 lots of CDs, DVDs and books that all been paid within 2 days of arrival at WeBuyBooks
5 Star
Excellent service!
Super east & fast transaction, sent my books on Saturday, the money was in my account on Tuesday! Fantastic service.
5 Star
Very organised and uncomplicated process
I love books, but I had too many! I was thrilled to find WeBuyBooks, their uncomplicated process helped me to release my books and get some value back.
5 Star
Great value and easy to use
Was a very easy app to use. Just scanned my books, boxed them up and waited for collection and then the cash

Why wait? Don’t hesitate! Make money selling things online and turn your clutter into cash with We Buy Books. 

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