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Aug 17, 2023

Get The Most Money By Selling Your Old Books Here

Where to Get the Most

Despite what the naysayers may tell us, books remain big business.

Yes, you can now house a complete library in your back pocket via a Kindle or some other e-reader, but there’s nothing like owning and reading a proper book. The UK spent £3.3billion on books in 2012, and only 12% of that was on ebooks.

Selling books individually…

One of the benefits of owning a printed book is that once you have completed it (or realise you’re never going to read it), you are able to sell it. There are several ways now you can sell your unwanted or well-thumbed literature, but which method you pick depends upon which of two main options you want to pursue – selling individually or selling in bulk.

sell your stuff on ebaySelling individually is typically done via an online retailer or auction site. Ebay of course are generally regarded as the first on the scene when it comes to auction sites, and remain a sizeable player. Amazon have since muscled in on the scene, with their Marketplace.

Listing individual items on either site can seem like a laborious process at times, plus you have listing fees, post and packaging and the time-consuming aspect of wrapping each book up complete with paperwork and making sure it is dispatched to the right person and within seconds of the auction ending. People have grown accustomed to having their internet-ordered merchandise sent to them instantaneously, so if you can’t keep up to these high standards, you run the risk of negative reviews which will damage your chances of further sales.

In addition, unless the book you’re selling is something a little niche, you’ll be competing against hundreds of others selling exactly the same item. Type ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ into Ebay and you’ll find five hundred copies for sale, some from as little as a penny. You can bump up the postal changes in the hope of making some cash, but once you’ve wrapped it, paid for postage and dispatched it, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered.

Selling books in bulk

Sell at We Buy BooksYour second option is to sell your books in one job lot to a company (like us!) who are willing to buy your books from you. Several bulk-buying companies have sprung up recently offering to take your collection of books (or CDs or DVDs) off of your hands for a reasonable price.

With We Buy Books you don’t have to worry about fees, wrapping, postage and failed sales. You wrap up your entire collection in one big parcel and we’ll usually pick up your package for free.

We also provide vouchers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to increase your profit margin by 10%! We also only charge £3.50 for fast-track payment, which is useful should you need cash in a hurry.

Start Selling

Selling your books helps to unlock valuable cash, so whichever method you choose, we hope this guide has been insightful for you!

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