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Aug 15, 2023

What to Do With Books You Can’t Sell


After you've completed your offer with WeBuyBooks and sold all the books you can, you might find yourself with a few left over. These books could either be too worn out from many years of use, filled with doodles from that time you were bored on holiday or just simply don’t meet our acceptance guidelines. Whatever the reason, these books can still be put to good use.

We've put our heads together and come up with a list of some of the ways you can squeeze the last little bit of life out of those books you just can’t sell.

1. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts.jpg

We all love a bit of arts and crafts now and again. Even if you're not always particularly good at it, you‘ll be surprised at what you can achieve with a little perseverance and a touch of flare. With the potential to make anything; from nice bunting to a knife block, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to deconstruct your unsellable books and put your origami skills to use fashioning a fabulous bunting display for an upcoming party, or you would rather keep your old antique books in one piece and create a stylish vintage knife block, the choice is yours.

2. Give them to friends or family

Give them to friends or family.jpg

This one might seem a little cheeky, palming your unwanted books off on your friends and family. But it is likely that all those books that you no longer want, can still hold value to someone else, whether it’s a half-finished colouring book or just a simple novel.

3. Donate to a free library

Donate to a free library.jpg

Ever noticed those random little huts nailed to a tree that are dotted around the place? Well, it’s likely that you have found your local free library. Free libraries are simply miniature libraries where you can take any book to read (for free) with the option to leave your own small donation for someone else to enjoy!

4. Donate to a programme

Donate to a programme.jpg

This includes prison, literacy programmes, schools, day-care, soldiers and retirement homes. There are so many different programmes out there that could benefit from the books that you no longer want and can’t sell. What follows are just a few examples of organisations and programmes that could be local to you, and that would be more than grateful for a donation of books:

  • Prisons; this might sound like a weird one, but often prisons operate their own internal libraries and may be willing to accept donations to bolster their collection.
  • Schools or nurseries; providing that the books are suitable, it is possible that local schools or nurseries would be willing to accept book donations for educational purposes, it is always best to ring the school first to check.
  • Retirement homes: got a big old pile of adult fiction books that you can’t sell? Then a quick phone call with a local care home could offer the perfect solution for you, your unwanted books could provide a world of enjoyment for others.

5. Recycle


Should you get this far, and still haven’t figured out what to do with the books you can’t sell, don’t go throwing those books in the bin just yet! We have reached our last resort, if repurposing those books you can’t sell just isn’t for you then you can always turn to recycling. All you have to do is take your books to the recycling centre, there they should have a designated area or bin just for your old books.

So, there are just a few options for what you can do with books you can’t sell. Remember, when selling your books to us, follow our recommendations and hopefully, you won’t have many left over! See which books you can sell in just a few minutes with our app.

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