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Aug 15, 2023

You Can Now Donate to WWF-UK Through WeBuyBooks!


You can now donate the money from your sale on webuybooks to WWF-UK!

Using the charity donation feature on the webuybooks website and app, you can donate the money from your sale to WWF-UK. That means you can support a good cause without feeling out of pocket - just sell your unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games to us and pledge the proceeds.

It’s no secret that the human race is inflicting irreparable damage upon the Earth. Thankfully, the world is beginning to take steps in the right direction to help lessen this damage and preserve the planet that we and countless other species call home. We’re the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and could be the last that can do anything about it! Working on the climate crisis is something we feel very passionate about here at webuybooks, which is why we chose to support WWF-UK by helping our customers donate to them.

Who are WWF-UK?

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For anyone that doesn't already know, WWF-UK is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. Their mission is to create a world where people and nature can thrive together. WWF-UK is a global network organisation with offices in more than 90 countries and is collaborating on projects in over 100 countries, from Wales to Africa to the Antarctic. They’re focusing on several areas of work that will help turn things around. The key four areas of focus are:

  • Putting nature first
  • Making our food system more sustainable
  • Tackling the climate crisis
  • Enabling habitats and species to thrive

To achieve their mission, they’re constantly finding ways to help transform the future for the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests and seas; pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions that will avoid catastrophic climate change; and pressing for measures to help people live sustainably, within the means of our one planet. Sounds pretty amazing right?

How Will Your Donation Help WWF-UK?

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WWF-UK are working with businesses, governments, communities and individuals to achieve their mission. But they can’t achieve this mission without the help of supporters, who enable these world-changing projects to happen by donating.

Just £3 will enable them to plant a tree, or with £25 they could plant 1m² of seagrass in our oceans. These carbon-absorbing plants will help them tackle climate change and protect our one shared home.

£50 could pay for a local school visit in Brazil, by one of their community officers, to raise children’s awareness about the plight of jaguars and their habitats. Educating local communities and the future generation is vital to ensure sustainable conservation.

£500 could pay for fire fighting equipment to help combat forest fires which have devastated habitats, homes and livelihoods in the past. With fires becoming more frequent around the world, we need the resources in place to help prevent future catastrophic damage.

By supporting WWF-UK, you will be joining the fight for our world!

How Does our Charity Feature Work?

How does our charity feature work_.jpg

The process of selling your items to us will remain the same, but instead of entering your payment details at checkout, you’ll simply choose to donate to charity instead. When you select this option, you’ll then be able to choose to donate to any of the charities on a drop-down list, including WWF-UK.

On average, our customers make around £30 by selling their unwanted stuff to webuybooks. Plus, when you sell over £25 worth of items, we automatically increase the amount we pay out by 5%! So, that’s £31.50 that you could donate to one of our charities. The more items you sell to us, the more money you will be able to raise for WWF-UK, helping fight the climate crisis. So, rummage around your cluttered drawers, empty those boxes of books in the attic and see what you can pull together to help a wonderful cause!

Start Selling, Start Donating

Have some items to sell? Get started on our website, or download our App. Available for Apple and Android, simply scan the barcode and get going! Together we can make a difference to our planet.

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