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Aug 17, 2023

Make Easy Money by Selling Your Books to Us

We Love Books! Here's How to Make Money By Selling Them to Us

From the number of books we receive on a daily basis, to the conversations we have with our customers, it’s clear that many of us have hundreds of books taking up space in our homes and on our shelves.

And we’ll be the first to say it; we love books. Here are some of our favourite reasons from customers and staff:

  • Nostalgia – while new technology makes reading more accessible, you can’t beat the feel and smell of a book. Plus, it’s good to get away from technology for a while.
  • No ads – with technology comes ads and a lot of them. We’d be terrified if our books started moving!
  • Sharing – it’s great to share books with friends and family, or sell or donate them to charity, so you know everyone has the opportunity to read.
  • Note-taking – aspiring authors, students and business people, we know you love to jot your amazing ideas into your books!
  • Beauty – limited editions, different artworks and colours, we think books are beautiful to look at.

Can you think of any other reasons why printed books rule? We think there’s nothing better than curling up with a good old fashioned printed book!

Sell Your Books & Buy More of What You Love

How Do You Know When You Have Book Overload?

Books are like any household item; too much can leave your house looking overwhelmed and books fighting for space on your bookshelf, next to your bed or bulging out of your kitchen doors.

What to Do When You’ve Got Too Many Books

When you’ve got too many books, sell them to We Buy Books and generate some extra cash. You’ll be cutting down on the number of books you possess, but you can still take your cash and buy some new books without adding to what you have. Genius? We think so.

How to Use We Buy Books to Sell Your Unwanted Books

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without these songs dominating the airwaves. While you’re listening to your Christmas selection, it’s a great time to have a little clear out and generate some cash in the process.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Enter the ISBN number into our price generator or use the We Buy Books app to scan your books for faster checkout.

2. Get an instant valuation, accept your offer and pick your payment method.

3. Box your items, print the postage label and send with our designated courier for FREE.

4. Relax! Once we’ve received your items, we’ll check them and pay you the next day.

Sell Your Books & Buy More of What You Love

We Can Take Collectible Items

e Can Take Collectible Items

Books possess the quality of scarcity, which means that your copy is unique on some level. For fans who truly love a particular book or have collectors items without an ISBN, we can still help.

While you may have an emotional attachment to some books, others you may be more willing to part with. Use the We Buy Books catalogue to search for your item and get a price.

We Also Accept Folio Books

Think of the book cover of your favourite book? It had to grab your attention from its place in the shop or on the shelf, you don’t get that in the digital world

Folio books are great for people that like special edition books with illustrations, but you might want to sell some of yours if you’ve had them for a while or you’re looking for more Folio books and don’t want the overload.

We’re Still Open for Business

We're Still Open for Business

You can sell your books without having to come into contact with anyone, which is why we’re still able to operate during lockdown.

Use our website to get your prices and pick your payment method, and use our Hermes collection service to get your books picked up from home.

Once you’ve sent your books, we’ll pay you the day after we’ve received them.

Start Selling Now

Just think of all the books you might have sitting around the place gathering dust, you could turn them into extra cash now. As to how much they’re worth, well that will remain a mystery until you head over to us and punch in those ISBNs.

Sell Your Books & Buy More of What You Love

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