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Aug 16, 2023

How to Get 10% Extra On Your Total Payout With a We Buy Books Voucher

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At We Buy Books we always like to allow you to top your offer up, so we provide vouchers that will enable you to make a little extra cash. For example, if you had a basket value of £25, the coupon would give you a total payout of £27.50.

You can get 10% extra on our website by opening the menu bar and clicking ‘Get 10% Extra Button’ or explore some of the companies we work with for other deals.

How Does a Voucher Work?

If you use the We Buy Books 10% voucher on our desktop or mobile, follow these steps:

1. Open up the menu tab and look for the ‘Get 10% Extra’ button, then click the link.

2. Enter your email, and we’ll send you the code – you’ll only receive your code email unless you open an account and choose to receive further emails from us.

3. Check your inbox, where you’ll find an email from We Buy Books.

4. Copy your code and click the ‘create an account or login’ button.

5. Enter your details and create an account – if you’d like to receive more vouchers, make sure you tick the checkbox at the bottom of the page

6. You’ll be redirected to your account dashboard

7. Click the ‘Start Selling’ button, which will take you to your selling basket. Enter your ISBNs to get a price.

8. Scroll to see your prices, and enter your code into the ‘I have a voucher’ box – your price will adjust once you submit your code.

9. Accept your offer and send us your books!

Start Selling Your Books Now

If you’d like to use the app for faster service, download it here and follow these steps

1. Visit your app store and search for the ‘We Buy Books’ app, hit the download button and install the software.

2. Open up the app and allow the camera settings on the home screen.

3. Scroll through the app instructions and enter your email to get your 10% discount code.

4. You’ll be taken to the camera function, where you can start scanning your items.

5. Once you’ve scanned your items, open up the menu and tap ‘Account’.

6. Either log in or create an account, tapping the checkbox if you’d like to receive further emails from us.

7. Go back to the camera if you have more items to scan, or go to your basket if you’re ready to add your voucher code.

8. Tap the ‘Add Voucher’ button and input your code; your total payout will increase accordingly.

9. Go through the final offer completion requirements, send us your items and wait to get paid!

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Where Can I Get We Buy Books Vouchers?

In addition to your first-time sellers discount, here’s a list of voucher companies you can get We Buy Books vouchers from:

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