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Aug 16, 2023

How to Unearth the Hidden Treasures in Your Attic!

Unearth the hidden treasures in your attic!

Does anyone else have mountain-sized piles of clutter stashed away in their attic? Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, it could be time for a sort out. You might be surprised to learn that buried within those old books, DVD’s, family heirlooms and whatever else, there could be a mini goldmine!

We’re willing to bet that you have quite a few old books and annuals stashed away which could be worth more money than you think, and you can sell them right here at WeBuyBooks.

We know that facing the clutter might seem daunting, but thinking of your old stuff as money bags is the best form of motivation. So, use all that extra time you have whilst in lockdown to do the job you’ve probably been putting off – having a good old sort out!

Sell Books Without An ISBN Number

Sell books without an ISBN number

You might find that some books you have gathering dust are pretty old and don’t have an ISBN number or barcode, in fact, editions from before 1967 do not have ISBNs at all, but don’t worry – this doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t buy your book. We accept your old books and annuals even if they don’t have an ISBN number, we even have a handy list full of popular items that you’re likely to have stashed away somewhere.  So if you have a book without an ISBN that you would like to exchange for cash, visit our catalogue to see if your book is listed and find out how much money you’ll receive.

What Books Are Included in Our Catalogue?

What books are included in our catalogue?

Here at WeBuyBooks, we have no favourites, we’ll take pretty much any book you have lying around in exchange for cash!

Perhaps you have some old kitchen and vintage cookery books who’s recipes you’ve now mastered. Or maybe some childhood comics like The Beano or Beezer Annuals, Tintin or Topsy and Tim books that you want to pass on to a future classic comic lover. We’ll take anything from Folio Society books to Football Annuals off your hands! Browse our full catalogue to see if your book is listed.

Our Catalogue

How Can You Exchange Your Old Books for Cash?

How can you exchange your old books for cash?

Our four-step selling process is super quick, easy and stress-free, giving you an instant valuation and next-day payments…

  • Find your book or annual in our online catalogue
  • Get an instant valuation
  • Package up and send your items to us
  • Watch the money arrive in your bank!

Start Selling

If you cannot find the book you’d like to sell in our catalogue, simply email the title, author, publisher and publishing date to, and our team will get back to you with a price as soon as possible.

Once you start the decluttering process, there’s no telling what you will find! You’ll be left with a tidy space and heavier pockets! 

If you’d like to sell a book that does have a barcode or ISBN number, all you have to do is scan a barcode into our app, or type it into the website, to find out the value. We’ll also buy your used CD’s, DVD’s and games too! 

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