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Aug 17, 2023

Best Places to Make Money Selling Old Books

The Best Place to Sell Books for the Most MoneySo you buy a book and you read it and afterwards you think, “that was good, maybe I’ll come back to it one day”, but then the months go by, turn into years, and you never do get round to revisiting that old book.

The problem being that there are so many good books out there: thousands of past classics waiting to be discovered, new books that are creating a buzz on the literary scene.

There are always more books to read and sadly this means those old books, they get moved to the back of shelf. It’s not that they’re no longer good, it’s just that there’s not enough time to revisit them. The fact is there are very few books which remain as powerful through a second reading as they were through the first. It’s just not the same – you already know what’s going to happen, whereas before you were spellbound, couldn’t take your eyes off the page because you had to know how things were going to end up.

So what to do with those old books? How to get the most from what you have? Well, that’s where we come in. Here at you can sell books for the most money possible and it couldn’t be easier to do either.

How to sell books for the most money…

Selling in 4 Easy Steps

First off you gather up those old books you want to sell, then you go to the “Your Selling Basket” page on our website. Once you’re there all you need to do is type in the ISBN number of each book and we’ll tell you how much you can get for them. Then it’s as simple as printing the pre-paid postage label, packaging them up and putting them in the post to us. When we’ve received them we’ll send you your money.

There are no losers here. You get the best deal possible; you sell books for the most money. We get more books to sell. And then someone else can discover a great book they’ve never heard of before.

Basically, secondhand books are brilliant. It was secondhand books that got us into Hemingway, we picked up an old copy of A Farewell to Arms on the cheap, read it while we were on holiday and absolutely loved it. Secondhand books are great because there’s less risk for the reader, they’re more likely to take a chance on them, to try out something new because they don’t have to pay as much as if they were buying a book brand new. That’s not to say we wouldn’t have got into Hemingway if we hadn’t bought that old paperback but it might have been a while longer before we did. Or maybe we never would have given him a chance, there are so many books out there to choose from, who knows?

So what are you waiting for? Sell books for the most money at WeBuyBooks and then with that cash you can buy more books, make new discoveries, secondhand gems or new revelations, the choice is yours and there are so many to choose from!

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