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Dec 18, 2023

Top 5 Money-Making Apps for Students

Top 5 Money-Making Apps for Students

One of the main challenges students face when trying to obtain a degree is managing finances. 

We imagine there are a fair few people that have blown their student loan on Asos or a brand new PS5, only to realise they have to live on Aldi’s brand of Pot Noodle for the foreseeable future.

And while a part-time job does come in handy, it might not offer the flexibility some students want in their university life. So you have to look elsewhere. 

And before you opt-in to sell your organs, there are less physically intrusive ways to earn some extra cash.

We’ve rounded up our top five best money-making apps for students; here they are!

1. The Student Who Can’t Stop Buying Clothes – Vinted

The Student Who Can’t Stop Buying Clothes – Vinted

If you have blown all your student loans on an Asos order, Vinted is the perfect way to trim your wardrobe down and earn some cash in the process.

It works a bit like most buy and sell apps; you upload pictures of your clothes, and people buy them!

You can create pretty cool collections and help people buy, and if you have any branded clothing, you’ll probably fetch a little more. There’s also a site called Depop, which is worth checking out.

2. The Student With a Car – Uber

The Student With a Car – Uber

While the app isn’t the main Uber component, it is part of earning cash through them. But if you’re a student with a car, then Uber could be instrumental for you.

Before you get started with Uber, they allow you to estimate your total earnings based on what people in your area earn.

The process is relatively simple as well. Once you’ve signed up, all you need to do is open the app, accept a request and earn after your trip. You can even set daily or weekly earning goals—ideal for the hectic student life.

3. The Student Who Likes to Complete Tasks for Cash – Field Agent

The Student Who Likes to Complete Tasks for Cash – Field Agent

Field Agent is a task-based app, which is where you get paid to perform various tasks that usually involve taking photographs on a smartphone – such as a shop display.

While you may have to travel to complete a task (so if you have to bus or train your way to your task, it may not be worth it), most tasks pay between £2-£8, which is pretty good for a few minutes work.

Cash outs happen every Monday, so you don’t have to wait too long to get paid.

4. For the Student With Lots of Stuff – Shpock

For the Student With Lots of Stuff – Shpock

We all know the person; their room looks like a charity shop sorting area, Cashouts, and they always seem to come back with something, whether from a high street shop or a second-hand store.

If you’re that person, you should consider using Shpock. You’ll be able to clear your unwanted items out, make some space in your room and make some cash in the process.

Plus, they even offer a delivery option if you can drive. There are other apps as well, like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

5. The Student Bookworm – We Buy Books

The Student Bookworm – We Buy Books

If you have old textbooks you no longer need, or you simply can’t keep your hands off a good book, you can sell your books to We Buy Books.

Endorsed by the BBC and Money Saving Expert, WeBuyBooks is the most trusted book buyer in the UK, and it’s easy to use. All you have to do is enter your ISBNs or scan your barcodes using the app, send your books for free and wait to get paid!

WeBuyBooks also accepts games, CDs and DVDs, so it’s helpful if you’re a real media mogul.

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