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Oct 20, 2021

Make Some Money for Your Summer Holidays

Make some money for your summer holidays

Wanna make some money, honey? Course you do! And you can – with We Buy Books. You’ll bump up your bank balance the second you start selling things online. Ka-ching!

Summer is just around the corner and we, for one, can’t wait. If you’ve booked a break away this summer then you’ll no doubt want and need some spending money. After, all, who doesn’t want more dosh to spend on tasty treats, activities and stuff from the souvenir shops? Sell your old books, CDs, DVDs and games online with We Buy Books to make some quick cash. Heck, you can even use the money you make from your old books to get some new holiday books.

Clear out your clutter

If you’re a book hoarder, you could be sitting on a little goldmine. But if your books are gathering dust, then send them our way. At We Buy Books, we love all books, however, some books are worth more than others. The books that tend to fetch the most cash are cookbooks and textbooks. Don’t cling on to your old textbooks or that Nigella Lawson cookbook you never use, send them our way so that someone else can put them to good use.

Make sure your stuff is in good nick

Stuff in good nick will fetch the best offersMake sure that your stuff is in good condition to get the best offer price. We don’t accept books that are badly stained or falling apart or CDs that look like they’ve been used as a frisbee. If your unwanted books are in decent condition and your CDs, DVDs and games aren’t full of scratches, then we’ll give you a great offer.

Turn your phone into a barcode scanner

Why not use our easy app?Sell your stuff in seconds with our app. The We Buy Books app makes it easy to sell your stuff online anywhere, anytime. You can even make some extra money from your sofa. All you need to do is scan the barcode on the back of your books, CDs, DVDs, and games to list your stuff. We’ll give you an offer straight away and if you’re happy with our offer, we’ll give you the cash!

4 Easy Steps

So why wait? Don’t hesitate! Sell your stuff online with We Buy Books to make some extra cash for your next holiday. For more ingenious ways of earning some extra money check out these expert tips on saving money for your next holiday, and remember – if you don’t use it, flog it – your bank balance will thank you for it.

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