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Feb 19, 2024

How to be More Eco-Friendly this Christmas


We are almost done with 2023, and it’s been a great year for the environment with breakthroughs in nuclear fusion, a meteoric rise in electric cars, and a spike in solar power across the globe, but we’re not out of the woods just yet. There is still plenty that we can do to help our planet get back on its feet. So, with Christmas just around the corner, we thought it was prime time to explore a few ways that can help you have a more sustainable festive season.

We are exploring 10 tips that can help you reduce waste, cut down on your carbon footprint, and avoid contributing to landfill. So, let’s get into it with tip number one!

Plan Your Meals

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (9).png The long-awaited Christmas dinner is a big part of the festive season and usually takes a fair amount of planning to get right, so we thought, why not use the opportunity to plan all your meals and cut down on your food waste? Take into consideration the inevitable mountain of leftovers and coordinate your meals to make the most out of the produce you have.

Sell your Unwanted Gifts

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (5).png It is inevitable that you are going to get some gifts this year that not might not especially want, so instead of letting them sit on a shelf collecting dust, why not sell them and get the cash back? It’s a win-win really, you are making the most out of your gifts and it’s a lot easier than you might think. Books are a great unwanted gift to sell, and you can do it in a matter of minutes using the WeBuyBooks app. Other platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are also great ways to turn your unwanted gifts into cash.

Homemade Gifts

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (6).png Instead of going out and spending an arm and a leg on brand-new Christmas decorations this year, why not make them instead? The benefits of making your own gifts go beyond just a smaller price tag (although that is a very nice bonus), you can pack as much personality or personalisation into them as you want, to create a gift that is one of a kind.

Avoid Glitter

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (1).png Glitter is made of a mix of both plastic and aluminium and due to its tiny size is classed as a microplastic, and we all know how bad they are for the environment. Not to mention glitter gets everywhere and you will be finding it for weeks. Instead of using plastic glitter, you could find an alternative; there are biodegradable glitters available or you could substitute your glitter with other colourful alternatives like sustainable paints or pieces of dried fruit. And remember, a little glitter goes a long way.

Recycle Your Tree

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (2).png If you like a more traditional Christmas and decided to buy a real tree this year, have a think about what you are going to do with it after Christmas is over. Here are a few ideas on how to recycle your old tree:

  1. Compost
  2. Turn it into mulch for your garden or plant pots
  3. Replant it and use it next year
  4. Cut it up and dry it out to use for decorations

Use Recyclable Wrapping Paper

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template.png You might be surprised to hear that a lot of wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, this is because it either has plastic in it or the design used glitter. Luckily it is getting easier to get hold of recyclable wrapping paper. You could even think about using other materials like fabric or hessian.

Use Plastic-Free Crackers

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (7).png Next time you head out to do your Christmas shopping, keep an eye out for plastic-free crackers. This year, why not try replacing plastic-filled crackers with totally recyclable ones? You could even try making your own.

Homemade Decorations

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (4).png Christmas seems to appear in the shops earlier and earlier every year, meaning the temptation to stock up on new decorations is very real. If you can fight the urge to buy them, think about saving yourself a bit of money and try your hand at making your own decorations instead. They are super easy to make and it’s a bit of fun for the whole family. Decorations could include things like dried orange peel tree ornaments, newspaper origami, homemade wreathes, or even a gingerbread house.

Spend Christmas with Others

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (3).png You might not think spending Christmas with loved ones can help reduce your environmental impact, but it can. If you are gathered together under one roof, you will only need to use enough energy to heat and light one house instead of multiple homes, cutting your carbon emissions massively.

Support Local Businesses

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (8).png The final addition to our list is to support local businesses. Buying your Christmas supplies from local producers and retailers not only means that you will be helping to support your local community but it’s likely that the produce won’t have had to travel thousands of miles to get to you.

In conclusion, as Christmas Day draws near, let's create a festive season that everyone can enjoy and that contributes to a healthier planet. And don’t forget, being more sustainable over the Christmas holidays can be a lot easier than you think, but why not try it out yourself, use a couple of our suggestions and see how you get along.

If sustainability is a subject that interests you, you can find loads more information on our blog page. We have a variety of content from the best books on sustainability to tips on how to use your local recycling centre.

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