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Aug 15, 2023

Tips for a Tidy and Organised Home


Home organisation has taken social media by storm this past year and it’s not hard to see why - there’s nothing more satisfying than looking at a neat and tidy living space! You know what they say, tidy house = tidy mind.

Some people enjoy nothing more than organising every nook and cranny of their home, while others can’t think of anything more tedious. Even if you find tidying up a chore, following a few organising tips can be life-changing to your productivity.

Whether you want to have your whole house looking spic and span or just tackle a specific section that’s been niggling the back of your mind, these organising tips will help you tackle clutter in every part of your home!

Or maybe you’ve just watched an episode of The Home Edit and decided it’s time to sort your life out.

Compartmentalize your drawers

Compartmentalize your drawers.jpg

One of our favourite organising hacks is also one of the simplest - compartmentalize your drawers. Grouping similar items into categories within your drawers makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in a flash - and it looks satisfying too.

Drawer organisers and mini bins are the key to organised drawers. There’s no shortage of options available, so you should be able to find a draw organiser that meets your exact needs without trouble. Including everything from honeycomb dividers for your socks underwear drawer to cutlery trays, jewellery organiser inserts and much more!

Declutter by selling your old books, dvds and cds

Declutter by selling your old books, dvds and cds.jpg

Clutter is the enemy of organisation! If you have old books, dvds and cds gathering dust and looking messy, why not sell them? Not only will you get some extra money in your pocket, you’ll get rid of some clutter too.

Here at WeBuyBooks, we’ll collect your unwanted items straight from your door and send cash to your bank the next day! Find out more and get started using the button below.

Sell My Items

Invest in some cupboard organisers

Invest in some cupboard organisers.jpg

Out of sight out of mind? Not in our book! Mess can really niggle in the back of your mind, even if stashed away in a cupboard. Messy cupboards are ugly and impractical - how frustrating is it when you’re scrambling around for a specific pan lid or unique spice mid-cook? You want everything to be visible and accessible.

Invest in some cupboard organisers like a spice rack, storage bins and spinning trays for condiments, pan and tray organisers and stacking shelf organiser - just to name a few. You’ll never have to rummage around your cupboards again!

Apply the one in one out rule

Apply the one in one out rule.jpg

If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it’s probably time for a clear out. It’s easy to fall into the habit of hoarding things, but we like to go by the rule, if you haven’t worn it for a year get rid of it.

Once you have a manageable amount of clothes, apply the one in, one out rule. Meaning if you buy something new, get rid of something old to make space for it.

Bonus tip: Donate unwanted clothes to charity or sell them on [Depop] for a bit of extra cash.

Colour code your bookshelf

Colour code your bookshelf.jpg

Now this is really just a treat for the eyes rather than practical organisation - but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of a spot on this list. If you want to make your home look like an Insta aesthetic, colour code your books!

You’ll have your bookshelf looking like something straight out of an episode of The Home Edit in no time.

Eliminate clutter hotspots

Eliminate clutter hotspots.jpg

Large open areas like kitchen surfaces, dining room tables and entryway tables can quickly become a dumping ground for clutter. It’s easy to let things pile up in these spots, so we suggest clearing them every night before bed as part of your nightly routine. Easier said than done, we know.

If that fails, a good tactic is to decorate the space with things like vases, prints, mirrors and other decorative nicknacks. You’re much less likely to dump items on top of other, purpose-placed items, especially when they’re displayed beautifully.

Try these organising methods to help you take control of your home a room at a time, you’ll soon have a home so neat and tidy it’ll give Mrs.Hinch herself a run for her money.

For specific organising hacks, check out this blog by Grace Hunt - she has some super cool ideas that will take your home organising to the next level!

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