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Aug 16, 2023

Five Ways To Declutter Your Home And Make Money

Five Ways To Declutter Your Home And Make MoneyThe gradual build-up of clutter in your home can be very annoying. When moving new furniture or items into a home, unwanted and unneeded items can be an even bigger issue. Rather than just getting rid of these possessions, however, there are ways to make money while clearing space.

Online auctionOnline Auctions

In the last ten years, these sites have become an increasingly popular method of clearing older items from your home. Thanks to far reaching scope of the internet, you can discover a large amount of people who want your older items, meaning there’s always a market for even the most obscure CDs or books. These sites will take a cut of the final sale value and the auction format means that there is no guarantee that you will get the best price.

Car bootCar Boot Sales

A traditional method of decluttering a home, car boot sales offer an easy sales option as well as some fresh air. You pay a fixed price to set up shop at a car boot sale and from your pitch you can sell as much or as little as you like. You agree the prices yourself and can even haggle if you see fit. However, there is no guarantee of a final sale. Having to carry around all of your old DVDs can be a lot of work without the assurance of a sale. If it rains, then you might end up selling nothing at all. If you have the time to come back next weekend, you’ll be forced to pay another pitching fee.

Online auctionAuction

For high priced items, auction houses can be a big help with freeing up space in your home. Frequented by experts and run by auctioneers who know their industry, taking advantage of their knowledge can really place your possessions in the shop window. You have the option of setting a minimum reserve for your items, but the auction house will take a set percentage of the winning bid. While useful for certain items such as antiques, this method is not ideal for those trying to sell smaller possessions such as CDs, DVDs, or video games.

classifiedClassified Ads

Another traditional option but one which you can arrange from home. There are many places which you can place classified ads. From the window of a newsagent to a local paper, these ads let people in your area know that you have items which you would be happy to sell. While you can set a price, you will have to deal with a limited audience and there is no assurance that the item will be sold any time soon and with the more specialist items, there might not be a willing buyer for little-known and niche CDs or DVDs. Anyone who wants to get rid of their items quickly might be better looking elsewhere.

We Buy Books

If you are trying to get rid of books, CDs, DVDs or similar items, then there is a quick and easy method which can guarantee you a good price. When you visit the We Buy Books website, you can enter the information about what you want to sell and we can give you a price right away. For books, just enter the ISBN and tell us about their condition. If you like the offer we make, we’ll arrange prepaid postage for you. And just like that, your immovable clutter is gone for a great price.



For more information on selling your books, CDs, DVDs and games here at We Buy Books then feel free to get in touch! Call us on 01706 248281 for more information or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.





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