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Aug 16, 2023

Don't use it? Then Flog it!

Don't use it? Then Flog it!

Hip-hip hooray, Christmas is on the way! Give yourself the best gift this year – some extra cash for all the stuff you don’t want. Your purse or wallet will definitely be jingling. Sell your old stuff online, so you can treat yourself to some new stuff.

sell your cookbooks

Shift your stuff

If you’re a book hoarder, you could be sitting on a little goldmine. Don’t cling on to what you don’t use, or read anymore. Budding home chef? Well, if you have a cookbook that never gets its recipes tested out in the kitchen, then get rid of it. We’re pretty sure that someone else would love to learn how to cook some of Jamie Oliver’s finest meals. Maybe your food bible is still out there waiting to be found. Perhaps you’re more of a Joe Wick’s Lean in 15 type of guy or gal. Trade in your old cookbooks, so that you have the cash to try some new cookbooks.

sell your textbooks

Bump up your bank balance

If you’re a student struggling on a budget then bump up your bank balance with We Buy Books. College and university courses usually have a long list of essential books and textbooks to buy each year. But after that module or year is done, the textbooks are rarely, if ever, used again. The information in textbooks can date quickly with new editions being released all the time – so the sooner you get rid of it, the more valuable and in demand it will be.

clear your bookshelf

Bookworms unite!

Bookworms will no doubt have a bookshelf that’s full to the brim. Make a bit of space for some new page-turners and dig out the books that you’re unlikely to read again. If you’re short on time, then sell online. It takes a matter of minutes and think of all the joy that your books can give to someone else.

sell your cds, dvd's and games

Clear out your collection

Get rid of more than just your old books with We Buy Books.
We’ll buy your old games, CDs and DVDs too.

Start Selling My Items

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