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Aug 08, 2022

Budget-Friendly Summer Holiday Activities


The time has come to spend every waking minute entertaining the little ones for six whole weeks. One of the biggest challenges of being a parent is keeping the children occupied, fed and watered, during the summer holidays, but don’t worry WeBuyBooks is here to help! Here's a list of the best summer activities, outings and trips to keep the whole family entertained during the summer holidays.

Six weeks is a long time to keep the kids entertained, especially on a budget, so we have got plenty of free and cheap summer activity ideas just for you - that won't break the bank.

Go to the seaside

blogimages-summerholidaybudget-seaside b.png

Take a trip to the seaside and enjoy the sun and salty sea air with an ice cream in hand. Head to your nearest coastal town and brave the hot sandy beaches to soak up the rays, paddle in the sea or build the world’s greatest sandcastle.

Picnic in the park

The perfect budget summer outing is finding a nice green park on a summer's day and setting up for a few hours with a big picnic basket full of all the essentials; jam sandwiches, cake, tea, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, strawberries and anything else you deem feast worthy.

Craft day

blogimages-summerholidaybudget-crafts b.png

Break out the craft box and put your creative caps on to entertain the whole family without spending a penny. Perfect if you are on a budget, turn everyday items into works of art from pasta sculptures to awe-inspiring finger paintings.

Sell Books

Download the WeBuyBooks app and start selling your books. Download the app on every device you have with a camera and a connection to the internet and see who can make the most by scanning all your books. Download the app here.

Go for a walk

Find a nice hike somewhere local and get your boots on. Living in the UK we are lucky to have an endless list of beautiful parks, mountains, forests and hills to explore and more often than not all these places are completely free to the public, making them a perfect solution for a free day out on a budget.

Go camping

blogimages-summerholidaybudget-Tents c.png

Grab your tent and camping stove and get planning an outdoorsy weekend for you and the kids. There are loads of campsites all over the UK and they provide a fun and affordable escape from the day-to-day grind. Perfect for the basecamp to venture out into the countryside or up a mountain.

Visit a museum

Both educational and fun for the whole family, not only are museums often cheap or even free, but it only takes a little bit of research to find a museum to suit anyone’s interests from model railways to the history of witchcraft.

Find a family-friendly event

blogimages-summerholidaybudget-festival b.png

Throughout the year there are loads of family-friendly festivals that pop up all over the UK. These events are a perfect weekend getaway for the family and often the tickets aren’t break-the-bank expensive. Festivals like Deer Shed Festival in North Yorkshire and Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham are great examples of some great family-friendly events.

Have a BBQ

We all know that you can’t beat a good British BBQ on a summer’s day. Crack out the barbie and invite friends around for a cheap day’s entertainment. All you need is a space big enough to accommodate everyone and something to cook and you are set.



If you haven’t heard of geocaching before, it’s effectively the biggest Easter egg hunt you can imagine, without the Easter eggs. Instead, there are loads and loads of little caches hidden all over the country, to find these little caches or ‘geocaches’ simply seek out their coordinates on a Global Positioning System (GPS), mobile device or other navigational technique and get searching.

Look for last-minute holiday deals

Often tour operators and travel companies have chartered flights and reserved rooms and activities. However, if they are not filled, they will lose money which is great news for all you last minutes budget holidaymakers. Jump online and get digging for those great deals.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sun cream and sunglasses and get out there.

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