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Aug 29, 2023

10 of the Best Money Making Apps


You can use your phone for just about everything these days, from ordering your weekly shop to organising your wardrobe, from booking a holiday to editing your holiday photos (hello six pack!). So why not use your phone to make some money as well?

We’ve combed the internet to find the very best apps to make money, including apps to sell stuff, apps to aid your side hustle and all available apps for iPhone and Android devices. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or just looking to make a little extra cash on the side. More money is at your fingertips with these money-making apps.


1. eBay

blog images Ebay.png

Of course, we had to mention eBay - it’s one of the biggest-selling apps in the world, after all! eBay is a great place to sell your old stuff for cash. You can sell clothes, jewellery, shoes, technology, homeware, pretty much anything you can think of! Perfect if you need a good clear-out.

Private sellers on eBay can list up to 1,000 items for free. eBay will take 12.8% of the total value of the sale, including postage costs. So if you sell an item for £10 (including postage) eBay will take £1.28. This is one of the heftier charges, so it’s worth seeing if any other money making apps are better for selling your things.

The eBay app makes it easy to sell, as you can receive notifications on the go, accepting or rejecting offers as they happen. There’s been over 100,000,000 Google Play downloads to date.


2. Vinted

blog images Vinted.png

Vinted is one of the biggest buying and selling apps in the UK. You’ve probably seen it popping up all over social media as your favourite influencers use it to sell their old stuff. It is typically used to sell clothes and shoes, but you can also sell toys, technology and homeware as well. If you’re someone who’s always ahead of the fashion curve, Vinted is the perfect way to make some extra money. Plus, it’s sustainable too, giving your old clothes a new lease of life!

Vinted is one of our preferred apps for making money. Why? Because it doesn’t charge the seller! Instead, it charges the buyer between 30p and 80p for buyer protection when they press “buy now”. That means the money you make is all your own! List and manage your items on the app, so you never miss a sale.


3. Google Opinion Rewards

blog images GOR.png

Google Opinion Rewards is the go-to money making app if you want to make some easy money. The app gives you regular surveys from researchers and retailers, so they can gather information and improve their services. You’ll get a small payment every time you fill a survey in. Generally, you’ll earn between 10p and £1 per survey, so it’s not going to lead to an early retirement. Still, every little helps and it’s the perfect way to pass time while you’re on the loo! You’ll need a PayPal account to receive payment.


4. Swagbucks

blog images SwagBucks.png

Swagbucks lets you capitalize on the things that you already do in your day-to-day life. Playing games, online shopping and even simple online searches: you can make money from all of these simple tasks! Every time you complete a task, you earn Swagbucks, which you can then redeem for online giftcards at retailers like Amazon, M&S and PayPal. You can also earn cashback everytime you shop through Swagbucks. With very little effort needed and rewards for the things you already do, Swagbucks is one of the easiest ways to make some extra cash.


5. Field Agent

blog images FieldAgent.png

Field Agent may be our quirkiest money making app, that makes you feel like you’re completing a secret mission! Field Agent is designed to gather information that retailers can use to fuel their growth. The app will assign you a small job located in your area, like testing the quality of the WiFi or taking pictures of advertisements. Each job will be assigned a value, and once you have completed it and the results have been analysed, the money gets sent straight to you.


6. WeBuyBooks

blog images WBB.png

Selling apps can be hard to manage; constantly checking if you’ve got any new bids, responding to buyers and tracking parcels. Not WeBuyBooks! We’re one of the only selling apps that will give you an instant cash offer, there and then. So instead of waiting for a buyer to bid on your items, sell them to us and get paid the next day.

WeBuyBooks accepts books, CDs, DVDs and video games. Just download our app, scan the barcode and get an instant cash offer. It’s that easy! Once you accept our offer, post the items to us for free and get paid the day after we receive them.

So if you’re looking for a quick payout or just need to get rid of some clutter, WeBuyBooks is the money making app for you! Over 100,000 users have downloaded our app so far, available on Google Play and The Apple App Store.


7. Airbnb

blog images AirBNB.png

When Air BnB first checked in, it was a ground-breaking concept. It allowed you to open up your home to strangers and earn money from your spare room! Over time it’s evolved to include everything from bedsits to luxury cabins. Whilst you can earn some serious money on Air BnB, it’s a big commitment. Firstly, you need a property to let and then you need the time to manage it, like arranging key collection and cleaning. Take this into consideration before you jump into hosting.

If you decide hosting is for you, Air BnB charges hosts 3% of the booking subtotal and charges guests an additional 14%. So if you charged £100 a night, you’d receive £97 and the guest would pay £114. That means you get to keep the majority of your money.

The Air BnB app is a useful tool for hosts, which helps fit running an Air BnB into your everyday life. You can manage your listing, accept bookings and message guests on the app, not just when you’re sat at a computer. If there’s a problem you can respond straight away, protecting that all-important host rating.


8. Free Trade

blog images FreeTrade.png

Ever fancied trying your hand on the stock market? Free Trade may be the perfect start for you. The basic account allows you to invest in a multitude of different companies for free, giving you the opportunity to earn money from your back pocket. There are thousands of stocks to choose from. Of course, investing always comes with its risks and there is no guarantee that you will earn money. Always do your own research before deciding to invest.


9. Money Box

blog images MoneyBox.png

Money Box is a money saving platform, which also offers a great range of ISAs where you can earn money in the long term. The app gives you the choice of multiple different types of savings accounts, from investments pots to lifetime ISA’s. Perhaps one of Moneybox’s most unique features is the rounding up feature; this rounds up all your expenditures and puts those extra pennies into a pot. So if you spend 99p, Money Box will round it up to £1 and add that extra penny to your savings. It might not sound like much, but over time it adds up to significant daily savings.


10. Shpock

blog images Shpock.png

Shpock is a huge online marketplace that allows users to sell everything from pet toys and painting services, to cars and property. It’s more diverse than some other selling apps, so there’s really no limit to what you sell on Shpock! With solid security for both the buyers and sellers, Shpock is a good choice for anyone looking to make money by selling their unwanted stuff.


11. Etsy

blog images Etsy.png

Etsy is an online marketplace devoted to the creative and adventurous. Whether you are looking to sell your skills as an artist or you want to start your own pottery business, Etsy is a great platform to get you off the mark. Chock-a-block full of creative products from beer to handbags, Etsy can provide you with a paying crowd looking for exactly what you are selling! Of course, starting an Etsy store is a bigger commitment than some other money making apps, but will prove the perfect side hustle for the right people.

The Etsy seller app makes running your own Etsy store so easy. You can upload photos and videos to your listing, track parcels, reply to buyers and see if you’ve got a repeat buyer, so you can slip them a little thank you note.


12. WeBuyGames

blog images WBG.png

Our sister site also has an app! If you have a cupboard full of old games, toys and consoles then WeBuyGames is the perfect way for you to earn some cash. WeBuyGames offers an incredibly easy way to sell your old LEGO, Funko, games consoles and much more, for a great price with instant offers, free postage and no sellers fees.


And so, our list of the top apps for making money draws to a close. We hope this helped you find the best money making apps for you!

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