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Aug 16, 2023

Benefits of Reading a Book Before Bed Time


Many of us are guilty of logging on to log off - flicking through smartphones or tablets late at night to like a funny video or share an interesting blog. But it's time to put down your gadgets, switch off from the dancing dog GIF and pick up a good old paper back to help you switch off before before bed time.

It has been medically proven that getting some shut eye will do you the world of wonders and help you to feel fresh and re-vitalised the next day.

Reading is a stress booster - fact

Reading is a stress booster - fact

INFOGRAPHIC 1When you're watching TV or flicking through your phone your mind is racing causing you to be more alert. Reading is scientifically proven to calm the nerves by eliminating excess sound and vision stimuli. When you focus on a book you will become calm and without the artificial light that you get from a phone your mind will be able to switch off.

Bedtime stories are good for children

Bedtime stories are good for children

It's obvious that reading to children before bedtime has always had a positive effect. Reading is a way for them to escape into a magical world and use their imagination and it's an excellent way to bond with your child. Books will help children improve their vocabulary without the daily pressures and stresses of school.

If your child is very young, bedtime stories can teach them colours, shapes and numbers.

Reading is good for the brain

Reading is good for the brain

INFOGRAPHIC 3Reading a good novel before you go to sleep can help you escape to another world and improve your brain function. Reading can help you to focus.

It can also help you, better understand the English language, and improve your thinking process overall and also helps with spelling skills. Some studies have also shown that reading can improve overall memory and concentration.

Leave it aloneThere's hundreds of benefits of reading in general but make sure you take time out to read before bed. So why not leave your phone downstairs and at the end of your day treat yourself to 20 minutes with a paperback.
You won't regret it.

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