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Oct 20, 2021

The Art of Decluttering

Is your room so cluttered and messy that you’ve forgotten what your floor looks like? Got piles of old books, DVDs and CDs that are gathering dust? Don’t even mention LEGO scattered around the house. There aren’t many things in life that hurt more than standing on LEGO with bare feet – OUCH.

Blow the dust off your old books, clear your house of clutter, make some money and free your mind from stress. Decluttering doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Don’t get frustrated; learn the art of decluttering with our top tips!

Time to get techy!

 Sell your stuff online with WeBuyBooks – easy peasy. Free up some shelf space and take a look at what books you actually want to read again. Still clinging on to old CD’s that you haven’t listed to in years? In the words of Elsa from Frozen ‘let it go!’ You can even copy your music and DVDs on to your computer then sell the hard copies.

We buy CDs, games, DVDs and books, so take a look at which ones you never both with anymore and send them to us! We’ll give you cash for your old stuff and we’ll give your unwanted stuff a new home. Start selling online right here.

Out with the old, in with the new

Make a little rule that every time you get something new, you have to get rid of one of your old unwanted items. This will help you to tackle your clutter, rather than adding to it! Bought the new Tomb Raider game? Time to trade in the old one!

Not used in over a year?
Get it outta here!

Sometimes it’s tough to part with our old stuff – just in case we might want to use it again. If it has not been touched in over a year you probably wouldn’t miss it if it’s gone.

Have a rummage through your stuff and flog anything you haven’t used in the last 12 months.

Don’t let messy rooms get you down – get busy and get dosh for your stuff! If your stuff is in good nick, we’ll make you a great offer! Have a nosey at our item condition guidelines. Want to sell online? Then start adding your items to your selling basket on WeBuyBooks.

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