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Aug 16, 2023

6 Stay-At-Home Money-Making Ideas

6 at home money-making ideas from WeBuyBooks

With the coronavirus pandemic restricting work and leaving many on discounted pay, it’s only natural to feel some financial anxiety. We want to ease that stress in any way we can. This is why we’ve come up with some ideas for you to fill your time and your pockets!

You’ve probably found plenty of ways to fill your time at home. Binging on Netflix series’ (hands up who’s watched Tiger King?!), taking on the latest Tik Tok challenge, redecorating your home or borderline harassing your friends on HouseParty all spring to mind – and you might be loving it! 

But have you considered using some of your extra time to side hustle? This is by no means us telling you that you have to be productive, but in these uncertain times making a bit of extra cash certainly can’t hurt! Right?

If you’re looking for a way to ease financial worry, and fill your time during lockdown here are 6 ways you can make a side hustle from the comfort of your own home!

1. Sell Your Unwanted Books

6 at home money-making ideas

Now is the perfect time to clear those bookshelves of any books you may no longer want! Many people aren’t aware of the money-making potential their used books have, but if you’re something of a book hoarder, you could be sitting on a mini gold mine.

We understand that for book lovers, getting rid of your well-read favourites can cause some separation anxiety, but knowing you can turn those pages into money is a compelling incentive.

So blow the dust off of your used books, free your house of clutter and exchange them for cash with WeBuyBooks. The process is super quick and easy! Scan your ISBN number for an instant quote and we will collect your items from you free of charge, so there’s no need to leave the house. Then, we’ll transfer the money straight into your bank – simple!

This also applies to any used CD’s, DVD’s and games you have lying around the house.

Make Money By Selling Your Books

2. Sell Your Unwanted Clothes

Sell your unwanted clothes

Going through your wardrobe and selling whatever you no longer wear is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make some cash. Don’t be trapped by the ‘I might wear this again some-day’ mindset; if you’ve not worn it in over a year you probably won’t miss it when it’s gone.

There are plenty of sites to choose from when selling your items, but whichever you choose, be sure to post a good picture – this will make your item sell a lot faster. 

eBay is great for selling anything and everything, including high street clothes and you’ll be guaranteed to reach a wide audience. Depop is also great for selling those new-ish clothes that you know you won’t re-wear, whereas Etsy is good for vintage items. On the other hand, Rebelle is your best-bet for designer items.

3. Search for Hidden Treasures

sell Vintage items

Many of us have homes jam-packed with stuff that we don’t need and hidden amongst the ‘junk’ there may be some valuable stuff. If you’ve ever watched Antiques Roadshow, you’ll know that sometimes random items can surprise you with how much they’re worth. Vintage items handed down by relatives, childhood toys, jewellery or technology are all almost guaranteed to be worth something! 

Vintage Cash Cow will buy your vintage items in exchange for cash and they’re even offering free home collection during the isolation period. Visit their website for a step by step guide on how it works

4. Start Blogging


If you have a flair for writing or taking photos and a passion you want to share, blogging might be your answer to making some extra money on the side!

You may have always envied the bloggers dominating social media, and making stacks of cash too, and now is your chance to get in the game. Generating profit from blogging and social media influencing takes time and dedication, but you have to start somewhere.

Make sure you do your research before starting and get as many tips as possible for first-time bloggers to give you a leg up.

5. Take Surveys

Take surveys

Although they don’t pay that well, it’s an easy way to make some pennies whilst sitting at your computer. It requires very little effort and you can take them at whatever time suits you. All you will need is your device and your opinion.

Make sure you pick legitimate sites that don’t waste your time and pay next to nothing.

Make Money By Selling Your Books

6. Get Creative

Get Creative, start crafting

We could list 100 different ways for you to get creative and make some money, but it’s dependent on your skillset. Here are some examples:

  • If you have a talent for art and design, consider offering out a graphic design service creating logos or custom illustrations.
  • You might be a computer wiz! Many businesses will be using this time to move their business online and to do that they’ll need a website. Considering offering a website building or software design service. 
  • Perhaps you’re good with your hands. Put this skill to use by crafting things you think people will be interested in buying.
  • Are you a keen cook? With many restaurants and takeaways closed people are desperate for some top-notch food! Use social media to display your skills and set up a mini business selling delicious meals.
  • The same can also be said for baking. Many people are missing birthday parties and other celebrations during this time, but they might still want to celebrate with a delicious cake and lack the skill to make one themselves. If you’re lucky enough to be a gifted baker then capitalise on your talent.

The list could go on and on! Whichever idea you choose, be sure you adhere to social distancing guidelines and always wash your hands before and after any exchange.

We hope that some of these ideas prove useful to you, filling your time and pockets. Take care and stay safe!

Sell Your Books to Generate Some Extra Cash in Lockdown

With lockdown hitting the UK yet again, it’s a great time to have a little clear out and generate some cash in the process.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Enter the ISBN number into our price generator or use the We Buy Books app to scan your books for faster checkout.

2. Get an instant valuation, accept your offer and pick your payment method.

3. Box your items, print the postage label and send with our designated courier for FREE.

4. Relax! Once we’ve received your items, we’ll check them and pay you the next day.

Make Money By Selling Your Books

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