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Aug 15, 2023

Celebrate National Author's Day in These 5 Special Ways


Have you heard of National Author's Day? Well it occurs on November 1st and is a great excuse to get involved in some book-related activities.

While we don’t think the King will declare it an official UK holiday, we still think this day is definitely worth celebrating!

What Is National Author's Day?

What’s national authors day?.jpg

You might be wondering what National Author's day actually is, well it’s a day set aside to celebrate all the wonderful authors in the UK! A well deserved day of recognition for their talent.

If you’re a bookworm like all of us here at WeBuyBooks, you’ve probably been looking for an excuse to praise the genius writers responsible for your favourite novels - well this is your chance.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate National Author's Day in the best way:

1. Buy a Book From a New Author

1. Buy a book from a new author.jpg

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Author's day than supporting a writer and buying one of their books! It’s tempting to go back to your known favourites when picking a book to read, but buying from a new author will help you broaden your horizons as a reader and discover something new and potentially wonderful.

There’s nothing better than discovering a new author with a collection of books that you just can’t put down - so give this a go this Author's day!

2. Recommend a Book to Someone

2. Recommend a book to someone.jpg

Who doesn’t love a good book recommendation? Passing on a book you loved to someone else is a great way to celebrate National Author's Day.

You could even buy a book you love and gift it to a friend - not only will you be giving them a great read (the best gift in the world in our opinion) but you’ll also be helping your favourite author up their book sales!

3. Write a Review on a Book You’ve Recently Read and Loved

3. Write a review on a book you’ve recently read and loved.jpg

If you’ve recently read a book that you just can’t stop singing praises about, why not publish a review? Posting a book review online is a great way to recommend a book to lots of people. Blog posts, YouTube videos and Amazon are all great ways to spread the word about your latest literary discovery and share the joy that is reading a great book.

It’ll also help create a buzz about the author's work and get their name out there for anyone who hasn’t come across them yet.

4. Tweet to Your Favourite Author

4. Tweet your favourite author.jpg

You’ve got to love the digital age. Getting in touch with your favourite author has never been easier! Telling your favourite author how much you love their book is another great way to celebrate the day. Talented writers often don’t get enough appreciation and we’re sure they’d love to know how much you enjoy their work (who wouldn’t?!). Thanks to Twitter, this is super easy to do!

Remember to tag the author in your tweet to make sure they see it.

5. Learn to Write a Book

5. Try writing a book.jpg

Perhaps you’re a budding author yourself? Well, what better time to get stuck into a spot of writing - it’s National Novel Writing Month after-all.

Starting your career on National Author's Day will make a great story should you become a successful writer, so let this be the motivation you’ve needed to get started. You could even dedicate your work to your favourite author - there is no greater tribute!

However you choose to celebrate this amazing day, we hope you enjoy it! We love knowing that millions of other book lovers will be celebrating right alongside us - authors definitely deserve it.

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