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Oct 20, 2021

5 Book Shelf Organisation Ideas

5 Book Shelf Organisation Ideas

Are you a bit of a bookworm but a bit disorganised? If your bookshelf looks like Jenga for books then it’s time to pay it some attention!

Smarten up your bookshelf and make them as stylish as they are useful. Show your books some love and have a nosy at our bookshelf organisation ideas.

Organise your book shelves1. I can see a rainbow!

If you have a very colourful collection it can look pretty chaotic when your bookshelf isn’t organised. Make a statement and group your books by the colour of their covers! It looks pretty neat and creates a beautiful focal point in any room.

2. Size them up

Balance out your bookshelf and order your books by their height. Wave goodbye to a messy shelf and arrange your books in the shape of a wave instead. Put your biggest books slap bang in the middle of your shelf and order each side in height descending order.

3. Highlight your favourite page-turners 

Make your favourite books stand out and turn the spines around for those that you love to read the most. Keep the spines visible for the best page-turners and flip the rest the other way. It’s a great way to find your favourite books in a flash!

organise your books in alphabetical order4. Shhh! It’s no secret

A, B, C, easy as one, two, three! Make your collection look like a library and organise your books in alphabetical order. This is a pretty popular way to sort your shelves. The big bonus of this is being able to find any book easily, without rummaging for hours. Fancy a bit of Tolkien? Then time to browse through the T’s!

5. Content is key!

This is a great way to find a book that suits your mood at any time of the day! Organise your bookshelf by their genre. Separate your science fiction from the more serious stuff. Then you can decide if you want to read up on a few fun facts, be kept up at night with a gripping edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller, or whether to send your imagination wild with a fantasy novel.

So show your books some love, organise your shelves and enjoy a good page-turner after all your efforts! Take advantage of proudly putting your collection of books on display. Want to make some more space on your bookshelf? Then sell online and sell your old books with WeBuyBooks.

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