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Nov 06, 2023

12 New Year's Resolutions for Book Lovers in 2023


The new year is a time for change and fresh starts, so why not take the opportunity to turn a new leaf and get yourself some new year reading resolutions? With 2023 nearly here, this could be the year to kick off your new reading adventure. The world of literature is full of inspiration, but if you are struggling to decide on a new year resolution then look no further, we've put together a shortlist of some great ideas for all the book lovers this year.


1. Read More Books

Simple and easy to accomplish. Set yourself some targets to just read more, sometimes the simplest of resolutions are the most rewarding. Even if you one more book than you did in 2022, then you will have achieved your new years resolution. Ans not only will you have the satisfaction of completing your resolution, but think of the wonders that you could unlock with all that extra reading time. If you're looking for some tips to ensure you read more this year, check out our blog post: Top Tips to Read More Books.


2. Organise Your Book Collection

There's not much more satisfying for a book lover than a beautiful, well organised book shelf. Especially if what you're used to is piles of random books cluttering up your living space. Use the new year to finally get round to organising your book collection! You could sort them by colour, genre or author, any of which will make it easier to find your favourite reads.

3. Declutter Your Bookshelf

This one could draw some mixed opinions among the reader community, but have you thought about refining your book collection and decluttering all the books that you won’t be reading again? Whilst organising your reading shelves, choose the old books your want to declutter and sell them to WeBuyBooks. Using the easy scanning app, you can declutter whilst earning a little extra cash to put towards your next book purchase! Find out how to sell your books with WeBuyBooks by clicking the link.


4. Diversify Your Reading


Mix up your style and try a different genre by picking up a book that you might not usually go for. Whether you make the shift from crime to comedy or from horror to historical we are sure that you will find the new title to enjoy and who knows, you could find a new favourite. Looking for inspo? Here's a list of book recommendations for every month of the year.


5. Get Others to Read With You

With all the tech that’s available nowadays, for most people finding the time to just sit down and read with zero distractions is near impossible so why not make it your new year’s resolution to help encourage your friends and family to put down the tv remote and pick up a book instead.


6. Join a Book Club

Getting to the end of a book is a greeting feeling, but finishing a book and being able to talk about it and share your opinions is so much better. Join a book club and meet like-minded people to discuss the books you read. Maybe you didn’t like the way the story panned out, or maybe you want to discuss your theory on who the actual murderer was… find a book club local to you and enhance your reading experience.


7. Track Your Reading and Set Yourself Some Targets


Set yourself some targets and goals for the year to come, by planning your reading in advance you can give yourself the time you need to cram in all the books you have been meaning to read instead of spending a couple weeks choosing which book to start. A bit of organisation also gives you the opportunity to throw in a few different books like we discussed earlier.


8. Try Out Audiobooks

Do you often find your yourself running out of time to just pick up a a book and read? Your new year’s resolution could be to listen to some audio books while you are on the go, so you cant still enjoy your favourite titles without taking the time out of your day. If it’s on the way to work, at the gym or while you are cooking your dinner, audiobooks are the perfect solution for a busy schedule.


9. Buy More Second-Hand Books

If you are anything like us you will probably agree that there is no feeling quite like buying a brand new book. The crisp pages, the new book smell and the uncreased spine just can’t be beaten. But you may have also found that buying all your books new can quickly wind up being quite expensive and not the best for the environment. Make your new years resolution to buy more second hand books and not only will you be saving money but you'll be helping to recycle the books that already exists.


10. Build a Reading Space


Have you ever had that burning desire to have your very own little reading nook? Somewhere you can just curl up in and get lost in your book? Make it your mission to make that a reality this year. Make it your resolution to get to work on creating your own tranquil reading space, and before you know it you will be smashing out the titles on your ‘To Be Read’ list never before.


11. Write Your Own Book

After reading hundreds maybe you have started to collate some ideas of your own, and this year could be the year to get them all down on paper. Try your hand at starting your own book. If you are new to writing maybe start with some short stories and build up to a book or just jump straight in and start working on your very first novel! You could discover a new talent and rocket to publishing and become the next best seller.


12. Complete Your Reading List

Any book lover has a long list of books that they want to read. If you're anything like us, your book wish list might be dauntingly large, but setting yourself the challenge to get through them all throughout the next year will be a fun little challenge.

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