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Are you a journalist looking for the best way to sell used books?

Are you a journalist looking for the best way to sell used books?

Journalists tend to be curious individuals, and this often means that they have humungous book collections, what with books being a fantastic way to learn and to conduct research… Here at WeBuyBooks, we’re guessing that some of these books are no longer needed – sometimes a book doesn’t end up being what you expected, or you read a book so thoroughly that you simply don’t need it anymore! And if you are indeed a journalist, we reckon that you probably have great investigate skills too, and have possibly been investigating the best way to exchange these unwanted books for cash… and we’re happy to say you’ve found it! Because at WeBuyBooks, we make selling used books online as simple and straightforward as can be…

How do I exchange used books for cash?

With our selling system, you can declutter your book collection and get some extra cash in the bank in just four, quick and easy steps: scan, value, send, get paid! We have a handy app which transforms your phone camera into a clever ISBN scanning device, so you can scan and get valuations for your used books on the go. Plus, once you’ve sent us your books and we’ve checked them, we always try to send you your cash the very next day… meaning the process, from sending your books, to receiving you cash, could take just three working days! Busy journalists can get back to work in no time – with some extra pennies in their back pockets. We predict that you’ll be so impressed with our simple and user-friendly service that you’ll want to write a big article on it!

A trustworthy and straightforward system

Seeing as journalists tend to be great at investigating and asking burning questions, you’re probably wondering whether you can take our word for how great our bookselling service is… Well, we have an excellent Trustpilot TrustScore of 8.9 out of 10, so you can be sure that our satisfied customers trust our bookselling system. The comprehensive score takes many things into consideration, including star rating of reviews, plus age and amount of reviews.


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