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Feb 29, 2024

What Is The Little Readers Programme?


The WeBuyBooks Little Readers programme is a platform set up to offer support to Schools, Nurseries and Hospitals by giving these organisations the chance to get their hands on a donation of free books.

It is our belief that reading is an integral part of everyone’s education and needs to be encouraged wherever it can be. Because of this, we relaunched our Little Readers programme at the beginning of March 2023, and since then we have been able to donate over 2000 books to around 1500 children from schools all over Lancashire, and we aim to keep these donations going. 

So far, we have donated to the following schools: 

  • Britannia Community Primary 
  • Sharneyford Primary School 
  • Northern Primary School in Bacup 
  • Crawshawbooth Primary School 
  • Balladen Primary School 
  • Newchurch St Nicholas C.E. Primary School 
  • All Saints Roman Catholic High School 
  • Valley Leadership Academy

Once the books have been delivered, it is entirely up to the school what they do with them, so far all the books that have been donated have been put to great use topping up the school library, providing a World Book Day gift and in some cases even topping up the school’s book vending machine! 


Other Ways to Support Schools and Hospitals

Other ways to support schools and hospitals. .jpg

Donating books to school is just one of many ways to support early years learning, check out some of the websites below that support learning in other ways nationwide and globally. 

School-Home Support 

School-Home Support provides crucial support to children and their families to overcome obstacles and unlock the opportunity for success. 

School Angel - PTA and School Fundraising Charity

School Angel provides much-needed support and funding to UK schools, with the aim of advancing the education and physical well-being of children.

Save the Children UK | International Children's Charity 

Save the Children is a huge charitable organisation with the goal of giving as many children as possible all over the world access to education.

Books2Africa | Educating People, Saving the Planet 

Books2Africa is a charity that is devoted to achieving two goals, promote the recycling and re-use of books and secondly improve the quality of education in Africa. 

Right to Succeed | Right to Succeed

 Right to Succeed is an organisation that is focused on facilitating the best possible start in life to children and young people. 


All these charities and organisations do an excellent job of supporting children and young people in their education, but they can always use more help from us. 

We endeavour to continue our Little Readers programme, providing books and reading materials to Schools, Nurseries and Hospitals in the UK. If you belong to one of these organisations then please visit our Little Readers application page or drop us an email at to set up your own donation of books. 

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