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Dec 05, 2023

Top 10 Books to Buy as Gifts

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2023 is drawing to a close, and that means it’s time to reflect on the past year and more importantly think about getting started on your Christmas shopping. Now, theoretically choosing a present should be easy, but in reality, it’s never a straightforward process. That’s why we have decided to give you a hand this year and throw a few ideas your way. Of course, books are our thing, so get yourself ready for a list of the best giftable books on the market right now.

A Happy Poem To End Every Day

Edited by Jane McMorland Hunter

Top 10 Blog Template (93).png All the news we seem to get these days is negative, nothing but tragedy and foreboding warnings, so why not inject a little brightness into your day with this little ray of sunshine by Jane McMorland Hunter? This is an assorted mix of happy poems from some of the most famous writers to have ever put pen to paper, making it a great gift to brighten up anyone’s day.

Larousse Gastronomique

By Prosper Montagné

Top 10 Blog Template (94).png The perfect present for any cooking enthusiast. This renowned culinary guide to French cooking is the ultimate addition to any cook’s arsenal regardless of skill level. It contains 1216 pages of pure culinary wisdom, with photographs, recipes, biographies, tips, and even the history of nearly every dish it features.

The Interior Design Handbook

By Frida Ramstedt

Top 10 Blog Template (95).png Do any friends or family that fancy themselves an interior designer? Get them this. In her book, Frida Ramstedt delivers a complete guide on how to design the perfect home interior from the ground up. This book will walk you through the basics of interior design looking at things like the golden ratio, coffee table to sofa ratio, and so much more.

What Writers Read: 35 Writers on Their Favourite Book

Edited by Pandora Sykes

Top 10 Blog Template (96).png This book is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone with a love of literature. What Reader’s Read was put together for the National Literacy Trust and features some of the world’s best authors talking about the books that they love to read. Each featured author takes the time to talk about the books that are important to them and the titles that have inspired them in their own literary careers.

RHS Botany for Gardeners: The Art and Science of Gardening Explained & Explored

By Royal Horticultural Society

Top 10 Blog Template (98).png If you have a loved one who is always out in the garden tending to their plants, the Royal Horticultural Society’s book on botany for gardeners could be the perfect gift for them to unwrap on Christmas morning. This isn’t just any old book about gardening, it is designed to help gardeners understand the science behind how and what they are growing, so they can make the most of the soil space they have.


By David Mitchell

Top 10 Blog Template (99).png No someone with an interest in history? Author and comedian David Mitchell could have the answer for you. Unruly is a hilarious and insightful breakdown of Britain’s monarchy from King Arthur to Elizabeth I, revealing all the gruesome details, incompetence, and downright debauchery that Britain’s kings and queens go up to.

The Snowman

By Raymond Briggs

Top 10 Blog Template (100).png The Snowman is a Christmas classic that has been warming hearts and inspiring festive cheer since it was first published back in 1978. The book tells the story of a little boy who builds a snowman that, at the stroke of midnight, comes alive. The two go on a grand adventure as they take flight over the surrounding countryside. It is a completely wordless book making it a great gift for all ages.

Mindful Colouring: Adult Colouring Book - 50 Handmade Designs

By Amna Mogul

Top 10 Blog Template - 2023-11-24T095907.905.png For the creative arty types in your life, why not try out Amna Mogul’s beautifully illustrated colouring book for adults? Packed with intricate patterns and detailed designs, Mindful Colouring provides the perfect opportunity to switch off and get lost in a world of exquisite creativity.

Tom Ford book

By Tom Ford and Bridget Foley

Top 10 Blog Template - 2023-11-24T100130.767.png This is the Holy Grail for any budding fashion designers out there. It is a detailed breakdown of the life and work of the man who turned Gucci into one of the most well-known luxury fashion brands in the world. The book catalogues Tom Ford’s designs for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent between the years 1994 and 2004 with stylish photographs and detailed captions.

The Great British Bucket List: Utterly Unmissable Britain

By Richard Madden

Top 10 Blog Template - 2023-11-24T100337.433.png If you know someone who wants to get more out of life but doesn’t know where to start, here is a book that can help them do that. This is a bucket list of all the best things to do around the UK from flying in a spitfire to finding the most spectacular place to have a cup of tea. This is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone looking to fill the year with adventure.

So that brings us to the end of our top 10 Christmas gift ideas. We hope that this has helped you in your search for the perfect Christmas gift this year, if you think we have missed anything or if you know of any books that are an instant win in the gift department, let us know on our Facebook !

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