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Aug 16, 2023

How to Sell a Lot of Used Books Fast? Get the We Buy Books App

How to Sell a Lot of Used Books Fast? Get the We Buy Books App

If you’ve been staring at a massive pile of books while scratching your head and wondering how you’re going to sell them all without investing too much time into it, we can help you.

We’ve already paid out over £20,000,000 to the great British public, and we’ve been recommended by Money Saving Expert, Good Housekeeping and The Telegraph.

Why? Because we pay out the highest and fastest, and our process is simple, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got one book or one hundred books.

How to Sell Lots of Books With We Buy Books

How to Sell Lots of Books With We Buy Books

You could use our website, but you’ll have to enter the ISBN of each book you want to sell, which is time-consuming if you have a lot of books to sell.

However, if you want to save time and scan all of your books, you should use the We Buy Books App.

What’s So Good About the App and Why is it Quicker?

The main benefit of using the app is the handy barcode scanner, which gives you an instant price for every item. All you have to do is hover the scanner over your ISBN barcode.

No more inputting ISBN digits into your phone while struggling to make out the numbers (although you can use manual if you like).

How Does the App Work?

Firstly, you’ll need to download the app and install the software on your phone (Android or IoS). once you’ve downloaded the app:

How Does the App Work?

Get An Extra 10% On Your First Order!

If you’re using WeBuyBooks for the first time, we’ll top-up your order value with an extra 10% so that you can give that little bit extra to your charity. Simply download our app to get 10% extra.

Are There Any Other Benefits of Selling in Bulk to We Buy Books?

Yes, there are other benefits of selling to us, such as:

  • If we can’t accept your books, we’ll recycle them for you; saving you trips to the tip.
  • You can use our courier service, so you don’t have to transport your book collection to a local depot.
  • Once we’ve approved your items, we’ll pay you the next day, it doesn’t matter whether you have one or one hundred books!
  • We Buy Books offers the fastest way to sell books online – no waiting around for Amazon or eBay items to sell.

What are you waiting for? Get on the We Buy Books app and start selling your books. Once you’ve got your first sale under your belt, use the Refer a Friend scheme to get up to £5 payout.

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