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Aug 16, 2023

We Buy Books Refer a Friend – Get a £5 Bonus When Your Buddy Sells!

We Buy Books Refer a Friend – Get a £5 Bonus When Your Buddy Sells!

Friends are ace, and they’re even better when they make you money. The We Buy Books Refer a Friend scheme offers rewards for every-buddy!

Get rewarded and make your friends love you even more. You get cash, they get cash – it’s a win-win situation! Who doesn’t love to bump up their bank balance?

Why Use the Refer a Friend Scheme?

  1. You’ll get £5 for each friend that uses the service and each of your friends will get £5.
  2. All they need to do is sell their books online and then voila, we’ll give you both a fiver.
  3. Package and post at no extra cost, meaning you get to keep all your offer.

How Does it Work?

It’s super simple. But first, download the We Buy Books app to make your bookselling experience better.

After you’ve got the app, all you need to do is follow these 4 steps if you’re referring a friend:

1. Log in to your account or load your We Buy Books app and go to your account dashboard.

Account Dashboard

2. Navigate to the We Buy Books Refer a Friend section.

3. Add the email addresses of up to five friends.

we buy books refer a friend

4. Monitor their progress in the Refer a Friend hub. Tip: Give them a nudge if they’re a nightmare with their emails.

Refer a friend hub

5. Pretty cool, huh? As soon as your referred friend has a paid and complete offer, we’ll email you both with a £5 voucher code that can be used on future offers.

If your friend is sending you a code and you’re waiting for it, all the details will be in your email. Follow the directions and you’ll be £5 richer in no time!

Download the App Now

Cash at the Touch of a Button – What’s Not to Love?

Sharing is caring. So spread the word! Refer a friend, get rewarded and give your friends a reason to smile. You can register up to five friends, so you could soon be £25 richer. High fives all around!

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