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Aug 15, 2023

Declutter Your Bedroom With These Simple Steps


When you live in your bedroom, it’s easy for it to become cluttered. Students, those in house shares or living with parents will understand the struggle of cramming everything you own into 4 walls.

Your bedroom is where you rest your head at night, and might even be where you spend the majority of your downtime, so it should be a place you enjoy being in. A peaceful retreat, not a clutter hot spot that causes you stress. Yet it can so easily become a dumping ground for laundry, unpacked bags, nick nacks that don’t have a permanent home and a bunch of other mess.

If you’re at the point where you just can’t take it anymore, you’ve come to the right place! It can be difficult to know where to begin when facing such a daunting task, so we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to get you started on decluttering your bedroom. We’ve done some posts offering tips for decluttering a whole house, but never concentrated on one space, and for a lot of people the bedroom is their main source of clutter. So, let’s get your bedroom mess-free…

Put on some music

Put on some music.jpg

Good tunes = good mood! Our first tip is to put on a playlist with songs that you love. A common problem when setting out to tidy a big space is getting bored and giving up halfway through. Having some groovy songs on in the background will help to keep you entertained whilst you declutter your bedroom. It’ll make the tedious task much more bearable - dare we say enjoyable?

Make your bed

Making your bed is essential. Your bed probably takes up a large area of your room, so it makes sense to utilise that space by using it as a surface for sorting and organising everything. This is much easier to do when it’s made.

Sort things into categories

Sort things into categories.jpg

We’ve found that an effective decluttering strategy is the 3 piles method. The 3 piles method is exactly how it sounds, you split everything that needs sorting into one of three piles: keep, store and get rid.

Any items you put in the keep pile, you’ll need to find a home for somewhere. Items in the storage pile can be sorted into categories and then put out of sight in containers. Anything you no longer want can be placed in the ‘get rid’ pile. Then you can then decide which of your items in this pile are worth selling, donating or just throwing away.

Pull everything out from under the bed

We’re all guilty of it. Don’t know what to do with something? Shove it under the bed. Out of sight out of mind right? If only that were true! If it’s gotten to the point you can see the piles of clutter splurging out the sides of your bed, it’s time for a sort out. Pull everything out and apply the 3 piles method we mentioned earlier. You’ll likely get rid of a ton of stuff you don’t need and free up space for storage at the same time.

When putting things back under the bed, organisation is key to making things look neat and tidy. Labelled storage boxes or bins are a great way to keep things contained, so you can easily find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Sell, donate or bin

Sell, donate or bin.jpg

You might think some of your items belong in the bin, but you could actually make a quick buck from them! If you have any old books, dvds, cds or games lying around, Webuybooks will take them in exchange for cash. Depop or Vinted are great online selling sites for clothes, Facebook Marketplace is the best place to sell old furniture and you can flog just about anything on eBay!

Organise your clothes

Organising your wardrobe is arguably the biggest task you’ll face when decluttering your bedroom. You start questioning how on earth you have so much stuff, yet never have anything to wear?! You need to be ruthless here. If you can’t remember the last time you wore an item of clothing, or it doesn’t fit, then it’s time for it to go, this will help you free up space in your wardrobe, preventing a messy, overflowing situation.

Another good thing to practice is packing away clothes that are out of season into storage.

Ever considered colour coordinating your clothes? It can be a good trick for keeping things neat and organised. An organised wardrobe is key to getting out the door quickly in the morning, you can choose an outfit much quicker when you can see exactly what’s there.

Invest in Hidden Storage

Invest in hidden storage.jpg

Ottoman beds, sliding wardrobes, under bed storage boxes and bedside tables with drawers are all great storage options that allow you to keep things out of sight and look less cluttered. If you want to take your organisation to the next level, invest in a label maker to categorise your stuff too - it’ll make finding things much easier.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture

To declutter your bedroom, you’ll obviously have to get rid of things. Freeing up floor space is a great way to make your bedroom look bigger and less cluttered. If you want to go for a more minimalist look, assess what furnishings you have in your room and see if they actually serve a purpose. If not, consider getting rid of them.

Don’t Have Too Many Accessories

Don’t have too many accessories.jpg

Just like excess furniture can make your bedroom look cluttered, so can too many accessories. Too many cushions on your bed will just end up on the floor, and decor on desks or shelves can often look cluttered and messy. Strip back and let a few carefully chosen accessories shine.


Whilst you’re in the process of sprucing up your room, give it a good clean. It’s the perfect opportunity to wipe surfaces that are usually covered in stuff, wash your bedding eradicate dust!


So, hopefully, you now have the tools and motivation to declutter your bedroom! If you’re up for tackling the rest of your home, check out our blog Home organisation tips and our Decluttering checklist.

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