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Jan 07, 2022

Kickstart The New Year With These 5 Motivational Books


The start of a new year feels like a pivotal point in time, bringing the opportunity for a fresh start and new possibilities. Much like the ‘i’ll start next week’ mentality that we’re all guilty of having when it comes to bettering ourselves, the new year seems like the perfect time to start putting some of your goals into action.

When you have motivation, anything and everything seems achievable! But it's finding motivation in the first place that can be tricky. Thankfully, one of the easiest ways to get motivated is to read a book filled with tips for personal development.

Reading the right book will make you feel like you can conquer the world! That’s just the feeling you need to stick to your new year's resolutions.

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, wealth, skills or happiness, we think you’ll love these motivational books. Here are 5 motivational books we recommend for personal development in 2022…

1. Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.jpg

Written back in 1937 by author Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich has become a classic. It’s all about convincing yourself to become rich! Sounds easy right?

Unlike a lot of other motivational books, Think and Grow Rich was written based on years of research. Napoleon interviewed the 500 richest men of his time over 25 years to see if there were any commonalities between wealthy people - and there is in fact a secret. Although this secret is never actually given away in the book, there are a lot of experiences and stories told that allow the reader to see the common theme.

The book says that in his experience anyone who acquired this secret and used it was met with nothing but success! There are a lot of empowering ideas in this book that are applicable no matter a person's background, so we definitely recommend picking it up this new year.

2. Atomic Habits by James Clear.jpg

Atomic Habits is a motivational book that outlines actionable, small steps towards lasting change. It shows the reader an easy way to develop good habits that improve your everyday life!

If you’re looking for a book that includes practical strategies that you can follow, then this is a good motivational book for you. James Clear tells you exactly how to form new, better habits and how to ditch old ones, ultimately reshaping the way you think. We love that it includes snippets of motivational stories from the likes of Olympic medalists to successful business people and much more to inspire you to make better habits!

3. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.jpg

You are a badass is a must-read, inspirational book that's filled with personal stories, humour, advice and tips to get rid of the self sabotaging thoughts that limit us. When reading it, you’ll get a better understanding of why you behave the way you do and what you can do to change those behaviours. Doing so will help you achieve the success you want, but Jen also recognises it's important to accept the things we cannot change.

One of the most important lessons we learnt from this book is that being more concerned about other people's opinions than your own prevents you from being your authentic self. It helps you realise that you’re a badass just the way you are.

What sets this book apart from other self help books is Sincero’s witty writing style. It is genuinely a great read with comical tones throughout. If you’re ready to feel inspired and make some serious changes to your life, give this a read.

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.jpg

Transforming negative emotions into positive ones, self love, mindfulness and manifesting are all topics explored in Good Vibes, Good Life. King says that by practising self care and prioritising your well being above all else, the positive energy within will be reflected in other aspects of your life. Ultimately, you can invite opportunities and happiness into being by changing the way you think, speak and act.

We have to say, we love the powerful message that this book preaches: that lasting happiness is a result of your attitude rather than outside influences. The idea that no one is in control of your life and your emotions other than yourself can be both liberating and hopeful for anyone searching for inner peace.

It’s a great book for anyone who considers themselves spiritual, but if you prefer more practical advice from a self help book, it probably isn’t for you.

5. The 5am Club: Own your morning, elevate your life by Robin Sharma.jpg

Okay, so The 5am club isn’t exactly a page turner. It’s not the best book we’ve ever read and it’s certainly no good for night owls BUT it does have some excellent teachings within that really do motivate you to get your life together. Many of the world's most successful people preach to wake up early and this book lays out how a good morning routine, beginning at 5am, can set you up for the day, helping you to build better habits.

Although at times, difficult to read, The 5am club has life changing advice within and when it comes to motivation for personal development, we value meaningful content over delivery, which is why this book has a place on this list.

While all the books above are motivational and aim to aid personal development, they’re very different from one another. Some provide practical steps to follow, some take guidance from successful people whereas others focus on finding happiness within.

Whichever you choose to pick up this new year, it will hopefully help you create a life you love!

With the new year coming in, you might be looking for some new years resolutions to fan the flames of your love of literature. If you are, head over to the WeBuyBooks and check out our blog about 12 New Year's Resolutions for Book Lovers 2024.

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