Flog your unwanted stuff for cash with selling sites

Do you class yourself as a bit of a bookworm or a hard-core gamer? Then you’ll probably have a few books or games gathering dust. Selling sites are an ace way to bump up your bank balance and clear your house of clutter. Plough through your piles of unwanted stuff and see what you can actually bear to part with.


Get rid of your old stuff for cash when you’ve identified what items you couldn’t live without. It’s easy to make some extra dosh when you can sell your stuff online – get a bit of extra money from things that you no longer want, or need, at the click of a button. How the heck do you sell online? Well, it’s pretty easy, actually! Selling sites are a great way to get rid of your unwanted goods. So where can you sell online? We’ll tell you!

It's super simple to sell things online with WeBuyBooks

Enter the ISBN Number

Enter the ISBN Number

Head over to the selling basket and type in the Barcode or ISBN number of the items you want to sell.

Get Valuation

Get a Valuation

Get an instant valuation – we’ll give you a quote right away, hooray!

Package Your Items

Package Your Items

Pack up your items and post them to us for free. We will send you a postage label.

Get Paid!

Get Paid!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the extra cash! We’ll pay you the day after we have received and checked your items.

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Cash in and sell online with WeBuyBooks

Trade in your old stuff with WeBuyBooks. We like to save you from any faff and fuss. Simply type in the barcode or ISBM numbers of the items you want to get rid of and we will give you an offer right away.

It won’t even cost a penny to post your stuff to us, as we’ll send a postage label for you to use. Pack up your items, post them off and get a nice chunk of cash. Ka-ching! No listing fees. No hassle. Just cash. Fast!

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Auction sites – eBay

Most people have heard of the online marketplace, eBay. Although, it’s not as popular as it once was and it’s getting much harder to sell your stuff and make a good chunk of money on eBay. With rising fees, it has lost its lustre. You can sell online with eBay but it takes time and effort.

Plus you need to pay to list your stuff, whether it sells or not. You’ll have to create an account, list your items with a handy little description and add some photos of the product you want to sell. Be prepared to pay for postage if your unwanted items do actually sell!

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Great service and fast payment
I have sent in 4 lots of CDs, DVDs and books that all been paid within 2 days of arrival at WeBuyBooks
5 Star
Excellent service!
Super east & fast transaction, sent my books on Saturday, the money was in my account on Tuesday! Fantastic service.
5 Star
Very organised and uncomplicated process
I love books, but I had too many! I was thrilled to find WeBuyBooks, their uncomplicated process helped me to release my books and get some value back.
5 Star
Great value and easy to use
Was a very easy app to use. Just scanned my books, boxed them up and waited for collection and then the cash
Sell Your Stuff Online With Selling Sites


There are buy and sell pages on Facebook where you can advertise the stuff you don’t want anymore.

This can be pretty handy, but your post can be hard to spot on Facebook selling sites, as they usually get flooded with posts by other people. Unfortunately, you may encounter time wasters on here.

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Shift your stuff fast! Selling books for cash is ten times easier with our mobile app.


Our app will turn your mobile camera into a scanning device, so you’ll be able to scan and sell books on the go. Plus, you can now Sell Used Games, Sell DVDs and Recycle your old CDs as well as Sell Second Hand Books, Swap Books For Cash, Trade In Books, Selling Old Books, Sell DVDs for Cash and Sell Used School Books right here at WeBuyBooks.

So, clean out the clutter out of your house and get rid of all your unwanted stuff on selling sites. Ready to sell your stuff? We’re ready to give you cash! Get listing your items on WeBuyBooks right here, right now!

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