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Sell Second Hand University Books

Sell Second Hand University Books

So you’ve passed your exams and got your degree – well done! Now that you’re making your next move, what are you going to do with that big, heavy pile of textbooks? Perhaps you’ve kept your university books from years ago, for old time’s sake? Many people like to hang on to their old university texts, but all too often they end up on a high shelf or in a box, gathering dust. Nostalgia’s all very well, but if you’re not really using the textbooks, they’re just cluttering up your home.

Get fast cash for your old university books

Second hand university textbooks in good condition can be worth a surprising amount, so have you ever thought about selling them? You could make a pretty penny! At WeBuyBooks, we offer an easy and convenient service which allows you to sell second hand university books without any hassle. Once you’ve seen what you can earn from your old books, you can print a postage label and send them to us for free! When we receive the books and check them over, we’ll pay the agreed amount straight into your bank account – simple!

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Recycle your books and make some extra cash

Unlike many second hand book retailers, we don’t give you commission when your book is sold, which can take a long time. Instead, we agree a set fee upfront and send it to you when we receive the book, so you get the cash when you need it. And selling old textbooks isn’t just good for your bank balance, it’s great for the environment as well… By reducing the amount of paper going to landfill, you can help to save the planet while you earn some extra cash.

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Straightforward selling

The simple listing process at WeBuyBooks means that it’s just as easy to sell ten books as it is to sell one, and postage is free no matter what the weight. So whether you’ve got a couple of used university books or a whole bookcase worth, get online and list them now to see what they will fetch. We don’t just buy textbooks, either – if you’ve got old novels or CDs lying around from your university course, we’ll pay you for those too!

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So if you want to sell second hand university books, get rid of your clutter and make some quick and easy cash, head to our selling basket now!

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