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Sell Medicine Textbooks

Sell Medicine Textbooks

Modern medicine has come a very long way since the days of operations with no anesthetic, the four humors and the groundbreaking discovery of penicillin… and we now have intelligent, effective and safe methods of treating illnesses and medical problems. Here at WeBuyBooks, we’re fascinated by medicine, especially biomedicine, surgery, pharmacy and nursing, and we want to buy used textbooks on these subjects – which seeing as it’s such a detailed topic, there are many! So, if you’re a master of medicine with a large collection of medicine books, some of which you no longer need, don’t let them wilt and fester in a forgotten corner of your home, like bacteria on an ancient petri dish… exchange them for cash with us!

Easy and convenient online selling

Just as medicine has come a long way, so has online selling, and here at WeBuyBooks we are proud of our refined and modern bookselling system. With our handy app, you can use your phone as an ISBN scanning device and get valuations for your use medicine textbooks in an instant. Once you have your valuations, simply package your items and send them to us, where we will then check them and send you your cash! It’s a simple as that.

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Sell medicine textbooks from the comfort of your own home

We know how demanding jobs in the medicine field can be, with long and unpredictable hours… so we think our speedy and convenient service will appeal to busy medics. We have partnered with myHermes couriers who offer a Saturday collection service, meaning you can fit book selling around your life, and can do it all from the comfort of your own home! WeBuyBooks also appreciates how expensive new medicine textbooks can be, and that you may want to put the money that you earn from your old books towards new ones, so we won’t make you wait for your cash for long… In fact, we aim to pay you the very next day after we have checked your books. The process, from sending us your medicine textbooks, to receiving your cash, could take as little as three working days – that’s the modern world of online selling for you… WeBuyBooks style!

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