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Sell Manga Online

The Manga genre is renowned for having something for everyone. There is a manga series out there to suit all personalities… Astro Boy for fans of Sci-Fi, Dragon Ball for those who crave action, and Sailor Moon
 for lovers of all things magical…. to name just a few!

It’s unsurprising then, that here at WeBuyBooks, we love to buy used manga. So, if you have an extensive collection of manga that is in need of being cut down, you can exchange your unwanted books for cash easily and quickly with us!

How do I sell manga for cash with WeBuyBooks?

Some say that the origins of manga can be traced all the way back to the 12th century – that’s one heck of a long time ago! But, you’ll be pleased to know that our process of exchanging manga for cash won’t take a long time at all…

Simply enter the ISBN or barcode of your book into our selling basket, receive an instant valuation, send us your items, and then get paid! We’re so keen to receive your used manga that we even provide you with a free postage label. Plus, we pay you the very next day after we’ve checked your items!


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Get your best prices for your manga

Sell used manga on the go with our mobile app

The selling process can be made even speedier and more convenient by using our app.

It transforms your phone’s camera into a clever scanning device, meaning you can get valuations for your used manga whenever and wherever.

So, even if you’ve got piles and piles of used manga books to sell, it won’t take you long to swap them 
for cash!

What is the best type of Manga to sell?

We’re avid fans of the Manga genre in general, however, we’re more likely to buy Manga from the following publishers:

  • No Starch Press
  • Udon Entertainment
  • Seven Seas
  • Fantagraphics
  • Last Gasp
  • Creation Books
  • NBM
  • Dark Horse Manga
  • DH Publishing
Manga Barcode scanner

Avoid the hassle & stress of selling privately

Although you may receive more money for your used manga on auction websites, selling with WeBuyBooks saves you something arguably more valuable – time and stress! If you sell your used manga to us, you won’t have to calculate postage costs, as we provide you with a prepaid postage label. Plus, depending on the titles, we’ll be more than happy to buy your collection in one fell swoop, meaning you can save yourself multiple trips to the post office. Additionally, you won’t have to rely on a stranger to honour their payment promise and wait for them to send you money… as we pay you the day after we’ve received your items!

If you sell your unwanted manga to WeBuyBooks, you are guaranteed to have a stress-free, straightforward and swift selling experience.

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Get more money for your books in good condition

Does the condition of my used manga books matter?

We accept books with general wear and tear, but if your unwanted manga books are seriously damaged, with rips, missing pages or damage to the binding, we won’t be able to accept them. We want future owners to be able to see the magic of manga without tears and stains getting in the way!

If you’re unsure whether your books are in a sellable condition, just check out our book condition guidelines.


Book Condition Guidlines

It's super simple to sell things online with WeBuyBooks

Enter the ISBN Number

Enter the ISBN Number

Head over to the selling basket and type in the Barcode or ISBN number of the items you want to sell.

Get Valuation

Get a Valuation

Get an instant valuation – we’ll give you a quote right away, hooray!

Package Your Items

Package Your Items

Pack up your items and post them to us for free. We will send you a postage label.

Get Paid!

Get Paid!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the extra cash! We’ll pay you the day after we have received and checked your items.

Start making money from your books, games, CDs and DVDs – download the WeBuyBooks app today.


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