Sell DVDs for Cash

Pile of DVD discs

Want to clear out your DVD collection? Looking to sell DVDs for cash? Look no further – you have hit the jackpot! We love nothing more than giving you money back for your old books, and your old DVDs are no exception.

We are always looking out for new ways to give you extra cash in these increasingly tough times, and now you can sell DVDs for cash here at We Buy Books.

Why sell DVDs for cash?

In an age when downloading films is de rigueur, the DVD is becoming a thing of the past. Hands up if you bother watching a DVD more than once? We thought as much!

Let’s face it: unless they are absolute favourites, DVDs sit on the shelf for years doing nothing except gathering dust, or you lend them to a mate only to never to see them again. Surely it makes sense to sell your DVDs for cash, instead?

It seems silly to leave them on the shelf when you could send them to us for free, get the best price you could ask for and receive your money the very next day. Plus, DVDs aren’t the only thing we give cash for – we’ll buy your unwanted games and CDs too. Say goodbye to the old FIFA, trade in your game and get some cash to put towards the new one. CDs have lost their shine these days as digital downloads are all the rage. Clear out your CD collection and get some dosh! Less clutter, more space, more money – sounds good, right? Well then, send us your stuff!

The We Buy Books difference

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to sell CDs, DVDs and books with We Buy Books:

It makes perfect sense to sell your DVDs rather than leaving them stuck on the shelf. Just think of us as the gift that keeps on giving!

Before you sell, treat your DVDs well!

At this point, we have to point out that your DVDs will obviously be worth more if they have been treated with love and care. We understand that they may have picked up a bit of wear and tear along the way, but as long as they are not cracked, dented, full of deep scratches or other damage (light surface scratches are usually acceptable, providing it doesn’t impact playback), they should be A-OK!

So, what are you waiting for? Sell your DVDs for cash now at We Buy Books, including blu-rays!