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How do I sell my books using WeBuyBooks?

Now you could try to sell books online using eBay, but this means wasting money on selling fees and sitting for days waiting for someone to bid, and the likelihood is you’ll probably be disappointed with the final offer. So the easy, hassle free way to sell books is with We Buy Books, in fact it’s a no brainer…

Get an instant online offer, post your books for free (or alternatively we’ll collect them from your home or workplace!), and get paid the day after we receive your items. Simple. Selling books online has never been so easy! Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Enter the ISBN number
  2. Get an instant offer
  3. Send us your books
  4. Get paid the day after we receive your items!
Easy, quick & stress-free.
How it works.
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Easy, quick & stress-free.
How it works.

Enter barcode or ISBN number
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Our recycling pledge

You can sell books from hundreds of genres with We Buy Books, such as fiction and non-fiction, school textbooks, university textbooks, and CDs, games and DVDs. But sometimes, we receive books that don’t meet our condition guidelines, and if they don’t meet our criteria, we can’t accept them.

We pledge to recycle your books if we can’t accept them, so you can still feel positive because you’re contributing to a positive cause. And if you don’t want us to recycle your books, we’ll return them (postage not included).

What are the best books to sell online?

  • Accountancy – Managment and Cost Accounting:Student Manual, The Accountability of Financial Regulators, Financial Accounting
  • Climate Change – Climate Change – What Everyone Needs to Know, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, The Politics of Climate Change
  • Dentistry – Mineral Trioxide Aggregate: Properties and Clinical Applications, Diagnosis and Treatment of Furcation-Involved Teeth
  • Astronomy – Galactic North, Galactic Dynamics, Global Physical Climatology
  • Finance – Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists, Other People’s Money: Masters of the Universe or Servants of the People?
  • Law – Life in the United Kingdom: a guide for new residents, Blackstone’s EU Treaties & Legislation 2015- 2016 (Blackstone’s Statute Series)

Check out the WeBuyBooks hot list for more information on what books are fetching the most money right now!

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What condition do my books need to be in?

If your books look like they’ve just about survived a nuclear bomb then the likelihood is we won’t be able to accept them, sorry guys! So to avoid the disappointment make sure your books are free from the following damage:

  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Tears to the cover or pages
  • Significant damage or wear to the binding
  • Water damage
  • Badly stained
  • Missing, loose or torn pages

Check out our item condition guidelines for more defects to look out for!

So far this year, our customers have made an average of £29.10* by selling their items toWeBuyBooks The Book Specialist

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It’s even easier to sell books online with our mobile app. Turning your mobile camera into a state of the art scanning device you’ll be able to find out the value of the books you’re looking to sell with one simple push of a button. Available to download from the App store and Google Play store. Did you know, you can also sell DVDs and Blu-Rays online at WeBuyBooks!

Helpful guides and advice on selling your books

Want to know how to get more bang for your book? Looking for our item condition guidelines? Then you're in the right place

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can sell your books online with the book-buying specialists, WeBuyBooks. All you need to do is visit our website and get an instant cash valuation. Print off your postage label and send your books free at a drop-off point or with a courier. Once we’ve received your books, we’ll pay you the following day. And you can do it all online!

The easiest way to find the value of old books is by entering your ISBN into your selling basket on our website or downloading our app and scanning the barcodes to get an instant cash valuation. Some books don’t have barcodes or ISBNs, so you can use the [WeBuyBooks catalogue]( to get a valuation, or get in touch, and we’ll give you a personal valuation.

It depends on how much money you’re talking about! Some older, rarer editions of books are worth thousands or millions, while newer books with plenty of copies in circulation might get you a few pounds. Book buying and selling are all about supply and demand, so the less of something, the more people will pay for it, and vice versa.

The criteria aren’t set in stone, but certain things make a book more likely to be rare. The first is the edition of the book; first editions are usually rarer than newer editions, especially when it comes to older books. There are several other criteria, such as the book being signed, previously owned by a famous person or having a distinct look. However, these factors don’t always mean the books are worth anything.

At WeBuyBooks, we pride ourselves on having the highest payouts on the web. We’re a specialist book buyer, but we also accept CDs, games and DVDs. You can get an instant cash price for your books by using our online cash price generator or downloading our app and scanning the barcodes on your books.

Encyclopaedias usually aren't worth much. They’re quite heavy to pack and expensive to ship, there isn’t much demand for them, and as new information constantly appears, they become outdated. It’s always worth a try; you may have a rare or in-demand version. The best way to find out is by using the We Buy Books website or app to get an instant valuation.

With WeBuyBooks, you don’t even have to leave your house to sell books! How much nearer can you get? All you have to do is use our website or app to get a price and accept our offer, and we’ll collect them from your house using our trusted courier Evri You can also take your books to a drop-off point if there’s one nearby or you’re off to work.
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