Oct 20, 2021

Students! We Pay More for Your Textbooks

As those of us who have been to university will know, being cash-strapped is an inevitable part of the experience.

With tuition fees now higher than ever, accommodation costs soaring, and the cost of books leaving a dent in your pockets, it’s no wonder you could be feeling slightly poor.

But now there’s a great way to earn some extra cash while completing your studies – and, even better, it couldn’t be easier. WeBuyBooks is a company that pays you money for your old books, CDs and DVDs.

Don’t Throw it Away – Trade it in for Cash!

That’s right – if you find your room crowded with used textbooks, old CDs or pre-loved video games, don’t throw them away. You could earn a heap of extra cash by visiting WeBuyBooks.

The process couldn’t be simpler; all you need to do is insert the barcode found on each item straight onto the WeBuyBooks home page, and you will receive an instant valuation.

Do this for all your old books, CDs and video games, and the cash soon will start adding up, meaning that you don’t need to forgo that night out in the student union!

Books, Books and More Books

Aside from being cash poor, the other thing that goes hand in hand with being a student is books!

Even in today’s digital age, chances are your courses still require you to buy expensive, heavy and space-consuming books in order to complete each module.

By the time you have reached the end of the first year, you could find that you’ve acquired a huge pile of books taking up space in your already cramped halls of residence room. Or perhaps you’re at the end of your studies and have no plans to delve into that anthology of medieval literature ever again.

Don’t carry your old books with you into your second year or your new home. You can trade them all in for cash through WeBuyBooks… making you richer and clutter-free!

We Pay Cash Fast

Not only are our prices usually better than than our competitors; we also know that receiving money quickly is important to our student customers. That’s why we offer a faster payments – straight into your student bank account or PayPal! It couldn’t be easier.

Get 10% Extra on Your Trade With a We Buy Books Voucher

If it’s your first time selling to We Buy Books, we’ll give you the opportunity to add an extra 10% onto your total price, giving you more money! All you have to do is follow the instructions in our handy guide.

Start Selling

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