Oct 20, 2021

WeBuyBooks…. for more!

WeBuyBooks.... for more!

Looking for some spare cash but running out of things to sell? There’s good news — the contents of your old bookshelves could add up to a decent chunk of money. We check our prices against our competitors to make sure we’re regularly paying you more for your old books, CDs, DVDs and Games – which means there’s no need to sell anywhere else!


How to do it

How to do itBy simply entering each book’s ISBN number, you can receive an instant valuation which if you’re happy with you can accept straight away. There’s also a free WeBuyBooks app available to download on iOS and Android, which allows you to scan the barcodes of your books and receive your valuation in a matter of seconds.

If you’re happy with the prices that are offered, then all you have to do is then print off your postage label, package your items, and then post them absolutely free of charge! When the items are received you can expect to be paid the very next day.


Ensure that you get the highest profit possible

An especially handy use of the WeBuyBooks mobile app is that it allows you to scan books in charity shops and secondhand bookstores, where you can scan books to establish if you’re able to resell them for a profit. Usually reselling is a fairly risky venture, but by using this app you will always know for sure whether a book can turn you a profit.

WeBuyBooks boasts some of the highest online payouts across a wide range of titles, making it an excellent option for those with bookshelves upon bookshelves to offload.


4 simple steps

Get creative with your clear out

Get creative with your clear out

Figure out what you’re looking for and plug it into WeBuyBooks to see if it can fetch a decent price. Textbooks and travel guides are popular sells, while greatest hits, classical, and complication CD albums tend to command a higher value. The most desirable DVDs meanwhile tend to be recent releases and box sets, while video games will similarly be valued highest when they are either recent blockbuster releases or simply games for the most recent consoles.


10% Extra on your first trade!