Oct 20, 2021

Sell College Books

Students…this one is for you! webuybooks.co.uk make it so easy to sell college books online for cash!

I know full well how expensive college books can be and that their lifespan is very brief. After all, when the year is done you move onto new subjects that require new textbooks; in some cases you may only need them for a matter of months. The question is what to do with them when you no longer need them? If things haven’t gone well academically then you may be tempted to set them on fire but as a responsible person I have to warn you against that.

Sell college books to We Buy Books – we can take your old college books off your hands and in return give you some cold hard cash. In what is a devilishly simple process you send us your books, we send you some cash and everyone wins. You get to de-clutter and have some extra cash in your back pocket while we ensure the books go to people who need them.

We have to point out that we’re not asking for any books that you’re still using, we’re strictly asking for the college books that you simply don’t need anymore. Last years textbooks for example that only gather dust but could instead go to a good home, (I know that makes this sound like an advert for Battersea dogs home but you get where I’m coming from).

If you are a typical student then your old college books will probably be neatly stored somewhere in your pristine, tidy student house, (sarcasm alert!) or being used as a makeshift placemat on which to rest your Pot Noodle, (that’s actually very stereotypical of me and I apologise…most of you will probably use coasters or magazines for that).

The fact of the matter is, as a student money is very difficult to come by. It just so happens that you, (or your Pot Noodle) might just be sat on a way of earning extra cash. College books are very valuable these days and we pay good money for every book we receive so students…stop stude-ing for a minute, or whatever it is you crazy kids call it nowadays, grab all your old college books and send them to us here at We Buy Books.

The money could come in very handy, either to buy more books for yourself, or perhaps be spent on more…leisurely pursuits. I’ll leave that up to you but whatever you do, don’t miss out on a chance to earn plenty of extra cash for doing nothing more than sending us your college books.

To sum up, sell college books that you no longer require to we buy books, we buy your unwanted books at the best prices in a process so simple it takes seconds.To sell college books at webuybooks.co.uk just follow 4 easy steps above.

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