Jun 28, 2022

Make money selling books online

The current economic crisis has driven more and more people to try to seek out alternative ways to make extra money.
Selling books online is an ideal way to earn a bit of extra cash to put towards that family holiday, someone special’s birthday present, or simply to supplement your income.

We Buy Books is the ideal place to make money selling books online. It’s a really simple process that takes minutes – simply type in the ISBN number of the book and we give you an instant offer. It doesn’t even cost you anything to send your books as we provide you with a free postage label!

We want to make it easier than ever for you to make money selling books online, so we’ve put together our ‘Hot List’ of the best books, CDs and DVDs to sell online and make some money, and let’s face it who couldn’t do with a bit of extra cash?

Our Book ‘Hot List’…
  • Food/Cookery books
  • Arts and Crafts books
  • Text books
  • History books
  • Travel guides
Our CD ‘Hot List’…
  • Greatest Hits…
  • Classical music
  • Operatic music
  • The very best of…
  • Compilation Albums
Our DVD ‘Hot List’…
  • Exercise or Work out DVDs

If you’ve any of these types of books, CDs or DVDs laying around at home doing nothing but taking up valuable space then why not head over to We Buy Books  – punch in their ISBN or barcode and see how much money you could make selling them online. Also, if you’re someone who likes browsing charity shops and jumble sales look out for books that you can buy cheaply and sell for more on www.webuybooks.co.uk.

The great thing is the website is smart phone and ipad compatible – so if you’re unsure you can easily check the value of the book on the site.

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