Oct 20, 2021

Book Lovers: 10 Words You Should Know

Book Lovers: 10 words you should know - open book with reading glasses If like me you’re an avid book fan then there’s a good chance you’ll absolutely love learning and understanding new words. If that’s the case then we’ve come up with 10 words every book lover should know, check them out below!

A collection of books with the pages folded into a heart shapeIf you get branded a BIBLIOPHILE then don’t feel offended! The word, first recorded in print in 1824, is another term for a book lover!

Hands up if your guilty of smelling books? Go on don’t be shy, we all do it! But did you know BIBLIOSMIA is the term used to describe people who get a fix from the aroma of old books? Interesting eh?

Do you consider yourself to be an educated person with a passion for literature? If so then there’s a good chance you’ll be described as a LITERARIAN. Taken from the French in the 18th century the word refers to someone who dedicates his or her life to the love of literature.

I love books written on a chalk board If you’re a wordsmith or have a strong passion for words then there’s every chance you’re guilty of EPEOLATRY, the worship of words!

Within every group of friends there’s always that one person who considers themselves to be well educated, in the know and frequently offers their opinions on topics they know absolutely nothing about! You know the type, and from now on you should refer to these people as ULTRACREPIDARIAN or MOROSOPH! The two terms refer to people who think they know everything when in actual fact they know absolutely nothing, comical!

Are you a genuine book addict? The type who can’t leave the house without a book stashed in your pocket or bag? If so then you’re a BOOK-BOSOMED, someone who carries a book at all times.

American humorist H. L. Mencken believes some people can read too much!?! Blasphemy, I know! He even coined the term BIBLIOBIBULI to describe those he believed read too much!

If you regularly visit your local library look out for the INCUNABULA section. This word is used to describe something in its early stages and refers to any book printed before 1500.

If you’ve made it this far then I take my hats off to you! You’re a rare breed, a breed that devours books for fun, a breed also known as BIBLIOPHAGIST.

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